Four Steps Forward, Five Steps Backward - My Journey on Recovering From Sensitivity to Chemicals

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Trying to overcome a chronic disease like MCS in my case, is not a sprint but a marathon. It requires preserverance and patience.

You have to keep on working at it, although you don’t see any improvements overnight, getting worse even or going in circles often times.

I thought I was forging ahead robustly until yesterday, when I woke up in the morning, only to find my voice being screwed up.

The formaldehyde fuming from the furniture and fixtures in my hotel room seems to have affected my system. 

My throat was coarse, my voice rough and dry, and my eyes were bloodshot. My skin was burning.

I felt being choked when I was in the room and had to literally “evacuate” from the room and spend some time at an Indian vegetarian place to get some clean air in my lungs.

I thought I was making headway until yesterday, so I felt very discouraged. This voice in my head was telling me that I was being over-optimistic.

However, I did my meditation in the same hotel room last night, and went to bed tucking myself underneath the duvet as if I was buried under a canopy.

And guess what?!

This morning when I woke up, my voice was back!

Plus, I was able to work all day in an enclosed meeting room with 4 people smelling like detergents or fabric softeners! 

The smell was palpable, and was not at all pleasant, but my autonomic nerve wasn’t going haywire as it used to. 

I was able to maintain my calm and function like a normal person throughout the day!

I did not have to wear a mask, and still did not lose my voice or get asthma attacks.

I was even able to eat lunch with them inside the meeting room, which was not possible until I started doing Dr. Joe Dispenza’s guided meditation!

Dr: Joe’s teaching “thoughts alone can’t heal your body” is no longer a philosophy or a theory to me; rather, I am starting to apply it and experienceing positive results!

I have been to stay afloat and come this far, thanks to the support I am getting from a community of true leaders; people who are inspirational and motivated. 

Check out what this community is about, and how they support me:

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