Treasure Map

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Have you ever written a Treasure Map?  It is a statement of your current intentions, and it's purpose is to act as an affirmation.  Here is one of mine from several years ago. 

Treasure Map to seed new moon/solar eclipse, November 13, 1993

During the next eight years and beyond

1)    I will continuously have the health, strength, proper attitude and patience to maintain spiritual growth (on the path back to God) at the appropriate rate.

2)    I will continuously have all the wealth needed to generously supply all my needs plus all those wants that will not detract from my highest good.  In particular, I will have a desirable home and land that is paid for; adequate, comfortable, attractive transportation; desired TV, VCR, and other entertainment devices.

3)    I will continuously have such companion(s) (both sexual and platonic) as will satisfy my needs for companionship in ways that will aid my journey and theirs, or at least not take away from either.

4)    I will successfully practice living in a state of joy and a state of love both for self and for all God's creatures — for indeed we are all beloved of God and we are all one in God.

5)    crime and criminals will be repelled from me and mine.  All my property will be protected from damage and theft.  My person will be protected from injury caused with vicious intent.  I am free now and evermore from the karma of any criminals from past associations.

If any of the above goes against God's will, then God's will be done instead!

So be it!


Prepared by and for A. T. Bell, during the period November 5 through 12, 1993.

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