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Do you have complete peace? If not do you know how to achieve it? I believe if you can accomplish peace within, the rest will follow..ie dreams, desires, wealth, health and much more.

Ho'oponopono was introduced to me by Joe Vitale in his book called Zero Limits.

Joe Vitale explains how this practice was a secret Hawaiian system and it needed to be shared with the world. As there is a growing trend of severe illnesses like cancer and others, people are searching for solutions. The secret to healing has been known all along by great Hawaiian Kahuna's. I believe your healing begins and ends inside of you. The mind controls your immune system. If we can clear the mind chatter, the body will heal. Positive thoughts create healing and the opposite; Negative thoughts will create illness. I have been in the medical industry for many years and have seen first hand how this plays out. 

There is scientific evidence that proves a person can be healed through positive thoughts and calmness inside. To read more about this: There is an eye-opening book by Anne Harrington called "The Cure Within."

The ancient Hawaiians were very wise. They knew the art of forgiveness brought great peace. A Kahuna lapa'au (healer) named Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona brought her updated version to the world with the understanding that Peace begins with you. What you observe, you influence. The clearing of one's mind would allow peace within and great things to come. 

The Hawaiian Kahuna's knew how to clear unwanted thoughts to free your inner self to peace. The original tradition was to have a mediator Kahuna lapa'au (healer) to facilitate this clearing. In this modern day, it was presented by Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, Ph.D. as he states it can be accomplished by one's self, through repeating the mantra of the ho'oponopono. His story about healing psychiatric prisoners without even being with them physically is fascinating. Dr. Len is retired although you can read his story in zero limits by Joe Vitale. Or through this website.

Taking responsibility for me also means cleaning up my mental acts. By, that I am referring to my mental chatter, which permeates into my everyday life and interferes with others. According to Dr. Len with Ho'oponopono it replays continuously what is recorded. If our thoughts are focused on Forgiveness and love then shall our reality be that. If our thoughts/mind chatter is focused on negativity so shall it be that. Either way, it will attract more of the same into your life. Which would you prefer Love or Hate? It's best to deal with negativity as it comes, own up to it and move on. By using this practice, you can learn to self-soothe and clear as you go. In fact, it's better for me, you and the entire world.


There was a man that practiced Ho'oponopono for a year and then told his story, Nicolas Zart-Medium He described this story as one of the changes he was realizing; "I noticed a bully on my street who had been making my local life a living hell was backing off. She's still at it, but she has the problem. I don't. I don't even react to it anymore. It must mean something inside of me has been resolved. If not, I would still be reacting to her vicious bully ways." I also noticed I was more at peace, in general." 

I encourage you to earnestly, focus on what is inside of you, and less on what is outside. This, my friend, is where your power is. 

As always dedicated to building you up.



P.S. I have just completed my website, please visit www.hawaiian-freedom.com  Mahalo!

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