How I finally managed to start shredding kilos!

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How I finally managed to start shredding kilos!undefined

  • Do you have a few pesky kilos or more to lose?
  • Have you been trying to lose weight and still not seeing results?
  • Do you eat healthily and exercise regularly and still not seeing results?

 Well, I was all those things! I've been going to the gym for years and never getting the results I was after. I was not shredding kilos.

undefinedI would walk half an hour to the gym with my baby in the pram, put her in the creche, work out for about an hour, then walk a half hour back home. I would do this mostly 5 days a week and I thought it was a good amount of exercise. I would do this routine for about a year and still didn't lose any weight, though I would eat pretty healthy I probably snacked more than I should have.

 The creche ended up closing there so I moved to a different gym. I got a new programme written up for me and I was on my way. 

undefined After a few months training my butt off, still no results. You can imagine how frustrating that must be, especially when I'm only wanting to lose about 8-10 kilos. When people are saying to you " You have 4 children, its only natural to have a mumu bulging belly, and lovely love handles". Oh no it's not, not me. That was unacceptable to me. We all know how we feel best in our own skin and I just wanted to lose a few kilos but not getting why it wasn't happening. 

 Ive seen a lot of before and after photos of many successful weightloss stories and know it can be done. Even women in their 50s and 60s with children, becoming professional bodybuilders, with a lot of hard work and dedication. Now I don't want to become a bodybuilder but I do want to lose some weight.undefined

 My eating habits would consist of ACV(apple cider vinegar) and turmeric in warm water of a morning, sometimes I would eat breakfast before the gym if I was hungry, sometimes I wouldn't. I would have my protein shake after the gym, maybe some nuts, then maybe not eat for another 4 or so hours after that. So by then I would be starving and pig out on vita weats or salads with maybe avocado and salmon. Then I might just pick for a bit because I'd still be hungry. So then I wouldn't eat dinner as I would still be full from my afternoon binge and I'd get hungry later on in bed at about 10pm and maybe get up for a banana to take away the hunger. So clearly not a great eating plan, I thought I was eating healthy so I should still be losing weight.

undefined How silly was I! I was finally fed up and spoke to an awesome personal trainer who was also a very successful figure bodybuilder and she got me on the right track with a meal plan. Though most of the time I ate healthily I would overeat, have too many good fats in the one meal or throughout the day,  I would not eat regularly enough and I was definitely not getting enough protein. The 80% diet 20% exercise rule definitely does apply but it is also how you eat your food.

 So I am not an expert by any means, I just wanted to share my story and maybe someone else out there has had the same problem and maybe this may help you also.

 Now every morning I still have my,

  • ACV and turmeric in warm water, then 50g of oats with protein and rice milk.
  • Then after the gym, I'll have my protein shake with banana, frozen berries and chia seeds.
  • Then 3hrs later (no more) I'll either have chicken or fish with salad or veggies or maybe an omelet with spinach.
  • Three hours later I might have 4 vita weats with avocado and cottage cheese.
  • Three hours later dinner, and if I was still hungry after that I could have 50g of greek yogurt with vanilla ice cream flavor protein powder, so yummy.

undefinedSo in 2 weeks of this plan I had lost a kilo, that is all it took was a bit of planning, consistency, measurements and portion size. I barely ever felt hungry and if I did, I would have carrot and celery with some cottage cheese or something healthy. 

If anyone has any questions don't hesitate to comment below.

Be Kind, Be Free, Be You.

Kelly Stewart


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