How to be Happy Now!

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How to Be Happy Now!

Here are the A, B, C's to Happiness:

A. Create Daily Practices


B. Practice the "The Smile Loop"

~ Jim Smith AKA; The Executive Happiness Coach.

"This is how Human Beings work. We infect others with our emotions, and in turn, are infected by theirs. Emotions are viral. Here's how it works:"


You create what you see around you. Nothing shows up that you did not focus your thoughts on, good or bad. By choosing a Positive Intention like smiling it Changes your thoughts and therefore changes your life.

It all starts with you!

C. Change your Mindset 

"Change your thoughts from rigid to soft, flexible and allowing." Dr. Wayne Dyer

Concentrate only on thoughts that encourage positivity. This will manage your inbox. After doing this for a little while your autoresponder deletes unwanted junk thoughts. If you still have unwanted /negative thoughts sneak worries, your human, just smile and push the restart button.

To be completely relaxed and comfortable in your own skin, and feel free; listen to Dr.Wayne Dyer's understanding-Freedom to be yourself.

Another way I practice cultivating a Happy Day is through this wonderful video for Serotonin release (click on the picture)The Happiness Frequency by Green Red Productions;


Spend time each Day for building a Healthy Relationship with Yourself! You deserve Happiness. Who knows you better than yourself? It gets easier and easier to become Happy, Joyous and Free to be your unique and authentic self. Do you treat yourself as if you were your own best friend, what would you do today? "Happiness is a choice, not an Event".

Have a great day!



Lori Paoletti

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