How to Break Free - A 3 Step Process

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Many of us long to Break Free …. from stress, from self-sabotaging, from unhealthy relationships, from jobs we dislike from…  the list can be endless. By following this 3 step process you could start your journey to a new happier you today.  

But, how do we do it? How can we break free from internal conflicts which can be caused by external influences and which we believe are beyond our control? Where do we start?


The first step needs to be, being clear on just what it is that we really want to Break Free from.  We need to be clear about what we want in our lives, as well as what we don’t want. This is not always asundefined easy as it seems. Over the next few days, take time out to write down all the things you DON’T WANT in your life. When you have that list read it through a few times to make sure you have everything on there.  Once you are satisfied you have listed everything, resolve that you are, from this point onwards, going to change whatever needs changing to BREAK FREE of them. Now, destroy that list, burn it, rip it up or simply throw it away, and when you do so affirm to yourself that you are BREAKING FREE from all the negativity in your life. From this moment on don’t give the list another thought.


Make a fresh list over the next few days of all the things (positive things) you DO WANT in your life. As you progress you can add new positive outcomes to the list (Don’t be afraid to change the list when you reach some of your goals). When you are ready to, keep this list where you can see it at undefinedleast once a day.  If it is on paper, make copies and stick them on the cupboard door, fridge door, mirror or anywhere else you will see it regularly. If this is not possible why not type it onto your computer or phone and save it as a screen saver so you can see it every time you reopen your computer or phone. Resolve that from this moment on you have BROKEN FREE. 


TAKE ACTION, do research, take courses, get advice and most importantly, visualise yourself as the new FREE person you are. Download a positivity or affirmation app onto your phone. If you don't already, start to do meditation or visualisation techniques that can help you to focus on building your strength and resolve and to visualise the new positive FREE person you are. 


REMEMBER – there may be days when things don’t look so bright and it is not always an easy journey but refocus, look on these days as stepping stones to your ideal life.  Take only positivity from these days, they are making you a stronger person and you are always learning along the way. 

Each journey starts with the first step. BE STRONG and TAKE ACTION today.

If you would like more information or guidance on BREAKING FREE, or access to simple meditations and visualisations you can contact me below.

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