How to create your best year ever


When you know how to design the best year ever, it’s easy to create your best life ever…

I can across this quote some time ago… it’s all about creating your best year ever, but this results in creating your preferred lifestyle. 

How many times have you started a new year by setting new goals because you were committed to having your best year ever? And then… two or three weeks into the new year, shit happened:

  • A wedding, a party, or just an invitation to dinner… here goes the diet plan out of the window…
  • Your carefully planned marketing campaign failed… and you lower (or drop) your business goals…
  • An emotional crisis happens… and you’re on a retail-therapy, shopping spree, forgetting totally your budget… 

If you recognize this… you’re not alone. 

92% of people who set up goals at the beginning of the year, end up going back to the old, comfortable way, forgetting all about the Best Year Ever Plan… Why do we suck at this?

I believe it’s because most people are using New Year’s Resolutions as a list of dreams, instead of actual goals.

The missing ingredient? Taking ACTION!

Here is the ultimate, actionable guide for making your best year ever:

  1. Look back on last year’s progress
    It is crucial to learn from last year’s successes AND failures, before embarking on making the Best Year Ever Plan.
  2. Focus on designing your ideal life
    Figure out how your next year’s goals can get you closer to living your best life ever.
  3. Set your goals
    If you want to live a life of freedom, eat healthier, make more money or build a new relationship – set those as measurable goals.
  4. Prepare for success
    Find out what do you need to start doing, stop doing, do more of or do less of – in order to achieve these goals.
  5. Create action steps
    Goals by themselves are just dreams unless there are specific action steps attached to each goal.
  6. Commit yourself and get support
    Find out who can support you and how and then ask for that support.

Now… to be honest…

This short list, although it contains everything you need to know will not make it your best year ever. You need something a little more solid, more detailed, maybe something more hands-on. 

My mentors at SFM developed a system which will support you developing the plan that would support you to actually take the necessary actions while learning. You can check out a free 7-day video-series for more details. 



Can’t wait to see you there.

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