How to Feel U HOOO flow

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Do you want Passion in the your life?

Passion, fulfillment and Success lies in the state of flow.

When you are in the flow you feel like you hoo! You are in the zone, high and alignment with what ever it is you are doing and you feel inspired, excited and invigorated by a pull or calling of some sort. Whether its an inspired idea for dinner or a million dollar invention, the flow feels clear, natural, exciting, fulfilling and best of all EASY.

The Flow Stateundefined

  •  Did you ever get involved in something so deeply that nothing else seems to matter and you lose track of time?

    Chances are you have felt flow in anyone of the following:

    • Completely involved in what you are doing- focused and concentrated
    • A sense of Ecstasy..of being outside everyday reality
    • Great inner clarity knowing what needs to be done and how well you are doing
    • Knowing that your task is doable and  that your skills are adequate to the task
    • A sense of serenity in the feeling of growing beyond the boundaries of ego
    • Loss of self consciousness and no worries about oneself.
    • Timelessness-focus on the present, hours seem to pass by in minutes
    •  What ever produces flow becomes it own reward. The end goal is an excuse for the process.

  • The flow state is the ultimate state of mind by which you are pulled forward by big goals, yet happy where you are now. It creates a feeling of growth and a feeling of being in the zone, lucky and  life is an aha moment, is your inspiration.


    How to stay in flow

    How to stay in the flow is to stay happy no matter what....this may sound crazy to you but happiness is a choice. It's more likely that you will feel more in alignment U Hooo flow or yesness if you focus on what you appreciate and makes you happy. 

    Here are a few ways of how to stay in the flow: Start each morning with:

    1. Meditation – self-explanatory but focus on your breathing..(think of your breath as your soul)
    2. Visualization – spending 3 or 4 minutes in the morning visualizing your perfect, average, dream day, and your life as you want it to go over the next few years
    3. Intention Setting – when you start your day, you declare mentally how you want your day to go
    4. Inspirational Reading – read from great leaders, authors, and successful people who you are inspired & motivated
    5. Gratitude – If you practice gratitude/appreciation for 5 minutes everyday for 30 days, a study shows you’ll be 25% happier than the control group

    Also try this:

    1. Setting goals that have clear and immediate feedback
    2. Becoming immersed in the particular activity
    3. Paying attention to what is happening in the moment
    4. Learning to enjoy immediate experience
    5. Proportioning one’s skills to the challenge at hand

    The secret is staying in the state of flow as much as possible through methods above. My Flow and service to the world is promoting personal happiness and Joy . So that we are touched moved and inspired!

    Happiness is a choice. You are in control of your life. You can choose to be happy and in the today! you Hooo

    Did this blog help you get you into the flow?

    Please comment and let me know....I will love some feedback



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