How to look young

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How to condition your body spiritually to look young?
In this article I will talk about the one easy natural secret you can follow to keep a natural younger looking skin. And this will serve you for the rest of your life.

No one wants to die young. That is just fine. However everyone will sooner or later face wrinkle and old age. The problem is many fear that stage of life; getting fragile, bent backbone, prone to illness and of course truth be told, heading to the grave. So many of us want to live a long life and die in our sleep when we are 100 or maybe 95 years old. However no one wants to get wrinkles and work with sticks as life takes its toll. We rather be 105 young, not 105 old, you will agree with me.


Young by nature

There are many things that bodybuilders and health enthusiasts revert to in order to keep a younger looking skin such as taking health supplements. This will work for as long as they are using those remedies. However there is a better way and it is proven by nature.

Babies skins come soft and lovely 
Looking at babies with their soft skin and new bodies, no one will be under the illusion that they are taking supplements or vitamins and minerals like the bodybuilders and health enthusiasts for sure. People will argue that those new-born souls are blessed with a brand new skin and getting their vitamins from mummy’s breast feeding or the milk bottle recommended by the chemist. 

The truth is in general babies really get the freshness of their good looking skins from the conditioning or the programming of their brain cells before they are born. You may have heard about iodine, biotin, vitamin E, niacin and all the other minerals for a good and younger looking skin. Those are essential but not critical. The vital factor that makes a skin looking young is eating healthy food in moderation, good sleep, sunlight and particularly water in the skin (moist).


Vitamins and minerals

We assume in general that vitamins and minerals rich food and supplements are the elements that provide health for our bodies, however it is more about brain function and conditioning that regulates the cells, tissues, organs and ultimately the skin itself. It is an electromagnetic process.

The spiritual realm

Body cells regenerate, according to skin specialists, every 27 days. No one actually tells or pushes those cells to do so. They are programmed to execute that vital function through the command of the brain, which ultimately gets its instruction from the electromagnetic vibrations and signals from the mental plane or to be more specific from the spiritual realm. I know this sounds crazy as a fact, but it is what it is. The spiritual realm governs the physical realms through many complex factors that I will not detail here, since this is by no mean a health article, but an insight on younger looking skin.

Be blessed

Many people look younger than their age and people compliment: “you're looking so youthful” or “you look younger than your age”, this is my case. People say I look younger than my age, even though I am a middle age man. So I always say: I am grateful and blessed, my spirit is making me look that way, not really the food I eat, even though it does help.

In conclusion

So remember to eat well, a balanced diet will keep you healthy. Drink lots of water, wash your skin with natural soap such as Neem based ingredients, as well as fresh lemon to cleanse your skin. Use coconut or almond oils as moisturisers. But most of all  meditate and visualise your skin having a youthful looking tone everyday, and the result will astonish you and anyone who blesses their eyes on you; into your old age. 

Alpha Wann is a Digital Entrepreneur/ Consultant and teacher in Self-development and Spiritual Elevation

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