How to make a powerful New Year’s Resolution?

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This is the most important message a Medical Doctor can deliver, ever. End of the year is a good time to stop for a minute and think about where we are coming from and where we are going to, what our achievements are and what to improve.


Do you know Einstein’s definition of insanity?

It is "Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results."

So, if you are unhappy with anything in your life a New Year’s Resolution is a good vehicle to make a difference.

What should you include?

Let me give you a list of HIGH PRIORITIES. If you need to improve any of these, pick one from this list.

1.       SMOKING. If you smoke, use your New Year’s Resolution for quitting. Smoking is the single worst thing anybody can do to themselves and others; it is harmful to every single cell in your body!

2.       Your DIET. Do you follow the Mediterranean Diet? If not sure, find out more about it, but cut sugar and add more fibre, seafood and fresh vegetables for sure.

3.       Your WEIGHT. If you carry some extra stones, drop them. The best way to lose weight is the Ketogenic Diet. Find out more about it.

4.       ALCOHOL. If you drink every day and more than 1-2 units a day, you should reconsider it. There have to be 1-2 alcohol-free days per week.

5.       EXERCISE: do you exercise 3 times a week when your heart and lungs pop out from your chest? Exercise is important for your body and character too.

6.       ME-TIME: anything that helps you relaxing; reading, meditation, a new hobby, anything you like.

Your New Year’s Resolution can involve a new skill set as well, like learning how to take beautiful photographs, how to cook or how to shoot and edit videos.

How to make a powerful New Year’s Resolution?

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