How To Make SMARTER Goals?

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A Smarter Goal Is The First Element Of Integrity 

It is all about integrity. What comes to your mind when we say integrity? I know, it can be million things. Never ending discussion. But let’s make it clear and simple. Let's check our goal set up together.

Think about one of the goals, which is important to you. The one you truly desire to achieve. It can be anything - from learning how to speak Italian to growing your business. I’ll use weight loss as an example. Being a lifestyle coach, I deal with this issue on daily basis and it is easy to understand.

The best way is to make your goal S.M.A.R.T.E.R.:


On my birthday, I will put on my most adorable dress. I did wear it when I
graduated from University and this dress is special for me. It is a symbol
of success, achievement, power, joy, unity of family and friends being proud
of me.


- 2 sessions a week of training with my PT + 1 measure of size (chest,waist,
 hips) per 4 weeks,
- walking up the stairs everywhere I go,
- 3 regular meals a day and max 2 sugar-free snacks in case of cravings,
- 1 coffee a day, maximum 3 units of alcohol per week,
- 7-8 hours of sleep per night,
- meditation min 10 min a day,
- 1 min of morning visualization - me in my dress.


It's possible to be accomplished. I only need to loose about 5kg, tone up and become more self-disciplined in training, eating, rest, mindset. I do all these things anyway, I only need to make it a regular habit, same like having breakfast every day - my favorite meal of the day:)


All scheduled in my diary for next week - work, training, rest, family &friends.
It seems to be a good balance of everything. I’ll test it and make necessary adjustments on weekly basis.


3 months plan = 90 days goal set up with weekly, monthly re-evaluations, measurements


  • I do it all because the image of myself in that dress makes me feel special. It will help me create habits, I always wanted to be my second nature.
  • It will empower my mind and my body. When both body&mind are happy, I vibrate with happiness&joy. Then, I’ll attract the same.
  • My family and friends, my PT, my colleagues know about my goal and they support me.


Keeping my journal to record achievements. And mistakes, too. To notice them, to learn from them. My PT keeps track of measurements, diet, sleep.

     *That's S.M.A.R.T.E.R. formula*

Time to take your turn. I've already asked you to think of the goal you wish to accomplish. This is going to be your second task. Use the case study above to analyze your goal. Brainstorm, take your time, put as many details down as possible.



Now, back to integrity. To have a goal which is clear, which you can see happening in an appointed time is a start. But how often do we slip? How often do we stop half-way through because we think it is hard? We have enough, we are tired of following the plan. We want to rest with our feet up and hand in the bowl of crisps while watching TV.

No worries, there is a solution for procrastination, too. Same as the first part, the second part of achieving our goals is also hidden in the word INTEGRITY.

Integrity is when you do what you believe is right when no one is looking.

There is an empowering context when you do what you believe in. You follow your plan passionately, you are excited about your results. This drive gives you motivation. It keeps you going!

If you are curious how to achieve a complete integrity,  make sure you will read my next article. Once you have created your SMARTER goal, you can support it by looking deeper into integrity matter. It consists of clarity, empowering context, accountability, community, urgency. All this will be analyzed tomorrow.

Have a beautiful goal making Saturday and see you on integrity based Sunday.

Then you can put your Smartest goal into the action straight away on Monday!

with love



  • Please share your Smarter ideas, goals and observations in the comments below.
  • Feel free to connect with me for more help, advice, motivation during your brainstorming.
  • Plus do not forget to check my blog tomorrow. We are not done with Integrity, yet😉