how to reinvent you life at 50+

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How to reinvent your life at 50+


I don’t know about you but when I hit 50 life changed I mean literally that week …

I had a huge party with many friends

I also had a brand-new relationship which has blossomed ever since

And I hit menopause ….

With all of that I found myself questioning a lot & reassessing life in general

I didn’t really figure it all out in one go … but I did have this nagging thing keep popping into my head saying “there gota be more than this”

So, by the time I hit 54 I started opening my eyes a little wider & relented  to the idea


“if I don’t change my life won’t change “


Now this is a hard thing to get your head around …. So, I started to look online for ideas & picked up a few self-help book because that’s what you do right !?#*?



 after a few months of getting absolutely no were fast  … I had tried to write a blog FAILED

I tried to do some MLM marketing FAILED

I tried bitcoin FAILED

I had also started a Instagram but didn’t have a clue what I was doing so it wasn’t really gaining momentum it was messy no structure no real title just photos of the grandkid’s or holidays so unprofessional.

I was basically just trying anything with no real vision of what or even WHY

I just knew I needed change


 As I knew I needed change because at 50 we still have at lease 20 years of work in us and although I had already reinvented myself many times over the year’s new jobs / careers even new country’s

I’m not afraid of change …. But I also knew from my observation some people seemed to be really making the most of life


Now don’t get me wrong here I had / have a good life

I work part time as a disability nurse so the pays good… I travel over seas 3 + times a year & I have amazing friends & even more amazing husband ….

But I wanted more

I had the taste of freedom & heard of others living this freedom lifestyle & my thoughts were… well why not me …. Why can’t I be like that, travel whenever I want to were ever I want… no budgeting no getting time off work etc.


 So, I started to do more research seeing how these people were doing this

I joined many Facebook pages of lifestyles etc. but o they mostly had that ‘too good to be true feeling” about them …. Well for me … after all I had already lost money on an MLM & bitcoin (I’m still hopeful I’ll get my bitcoin back one day)

So, I needed to find the right one for me …. The one my gut instinct said yes too



It was another few months ….  Then one day an add popped onto my Facebook feed with a lovely couple telling me how after months of research looking for a lifestyle change they had found a company that changed their life

No flashy cars …. No flashy places …. just two people being authentic about how from the bad place they had been. they had now been given an opportunity to turn the tables around

 So, I did my due diligence & checked out the company they were talking about seemed legit & came with a money back guarantee

So, for $25USD 100% money back guarantee I took the plunge ….

I have not looked back

I’m 6 months into the online training & watch me fly



Now I’m not only writing successful blogs that people actually read them lol

I’m also building web pages

My Instagram is growing daily

My Facebook is growing daily

And I do live Facebook talks daily with somedays getting hundreds of people watching me or my replay



I can work this business opportunity from any were in the world …. All that is needed is a smart phone & a laptop o and of course WIFI


The thing is before I started like many of you. we were not brought up in this Tec world

We are from old school …. Go to school, get a qualification, get a job, get married, have kids ……

Sound familiar……


BUT It can be done … its not EASY but it is SIMPLE

You don’t need a degree, you don’t need any Tec knowledge, you don’t need to be cleaver, you don’t need to be six-foot-tall skinny with long silky hair ….

All you need is the will to want the best life for you.

 the rest can be taught to you so easily … apart for the six-foot skinny, long hair bit lol


 So, if you are like me and know you want the most life can give you

Then its time you too looked for change

Now I’m not for one minute saying the company I choose is the perfect one for you infect they are very careful who they do except into the system as this is by no means a GET RICH QUICK program

Yes, you can get rich … but that is entirely up to you and how much energy/ influence/ study you put into the system

Like any business that’s real it takes work, dedication, & consistency

And all of that is taught to you by the company

And so much more … I have learned more that any school ever taught me, I am now surrounded by the most amazing likeminded tribe of people that have become my friends some have even become framily

I have learned the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence its fake grass & if I water & feed my grass daily I will have the best grass is the street …


They have taught me how to rethink how to grow & how to turn my life around …. Not waiting or expecting anyone elt’s to do it for me 

Before I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel SFM taught me to & how to go and light that dam light myself



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