I do love my walks

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I do love my walks

Once-in-a-while, we need time for ourselves. Once-in-a-while, we need to escape from the life that lives us. When we don’t have enough time or power to clear our minds, that’s the moment we need to make time to adjust our speed. I like to take time to go out for a walk. I love to walk in nature. Hear the sounds of the trees, the birds, to see the animals around us. I’m lucky to live in a very green area so I don’t really need to go very far to hear these great sounds. As a matter of fact, I just need to open my eyes in the morning and I hear some of those lovely sounds. Yes, I live in a forest, in a wooden house, so I hear them every morning.

The great thing about taking a walk is that you are doing a few very good things for your body. For instance, you're flexing your muscles and that is very good for your condition and weight balance. You are away from work and computer what will result in peace of your mind and eyes. While you are clearing your mind, and listening to the sounds around you, you can find your inner peace. If you are not a lover of the sounds of nature you could take some earphones and listen to your favourite (relaxing) music.

I love walking in nature in all seasons. Every season has its own charms.

In Spring, it’s lovely to see everything is getting green again. Flowers are growing, trees are opening their leaves again. Summer is great to go outside in less clothing so your body can take up the solar energy that we need. Fall has its lovely views when the leaves are changing colour. In winter, we hope to have a white Christmas and love to make Snow Angels. To see the snow fall from the sky and make a nice white carpet.

I also need to walk often because of my friend “Discus Hernia”. Since 2016 I need to keep my back in motion instead of sitting on my but the whole day at work. I need to take my break instead of keep on working. If I don’t exercise on time my back will let me know that it's time again to move. So, yes, I do love my walks. It keeps my body and minds healthy.


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