Improve sports performance

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Specificity focuses on choosing exercises, similar and/or functional to the skill we want to improve. It makes resistance training more effective. Although, it’s important to have a routine that targets the whole body. Slow-motion videotape can facilitate observation of movement during skills/performance. They can help us to create exercises, specific to the skill we want to improve. Some video apps and software offer tools to analyze our sports skill/activities (e.g. Dartfish, Coach’s eye, etc…). A resistance training program, designed for sport-specific exercises, is important to improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

Examples of exercises, to improve some sports skills:

  • Plyometric squats = Gymnastic
  • Spiderman pushups = Boxing, kickboxing
  • Deltoid fly variations = Swimming
  • Jumping lunge = Running sports
  • Skate lunge = Tennis, football, basketball, ice skating
  • Weighted torso rotations = Baseball, tennis
  • Pull-ups = Climbing, kite surf
These were some of many examples.


Think about the skills you want to improve and make them more difficult. The goal is, to get an overload out of these exercises, by increasing their intensity (e.g. you can’t do another repetition, can’t make a certain number of repetitions within 10 seconds).
If you have questions or need help creating your training program: Leave a comment below. I’ll be happy to help!.


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