Improving Lives - Increase Your Life Expectancy

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There are many things we can do for improving lives of yourself and those around you, and increasing life expectancy. People will enjoy their lives more when you’re a happier more positive person.

Here is a quick guide with… 

10 Simple Ways For Improving Lives and Life Expectancy

1) Go for a walk every day

Spending 30 minutes of your day to take a brisk walk has many amazing benefits to your body. Walking each day will improve your mood, aid digestion, improve brain function and reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

2) In Sunlight

Getting more sunlight or more specifically vitamin D produced from exposure to the sunlight is essential in maintaining a healthy hormonal balance. Vitamin D is actually a prohormone that gets converted into the hormone calcitriol. This increases the amount of calcium the guy can absorb from ingested foods. It also prevents calcium loss from kidneys.

Lack of vitamin d has shown to reduce ability to fight infections, cause muscle weakness and bone strength, increase fatigue and may cause insulin resistance and develop diabetes. Vitamin D deficiency can also cause anxiety, depression, heart diseases, high blood pressure and stroke.

3) Resistance Training

Lifting weights in the gym or at home through calisthenics to develop strength promotes good health while reducing risk of developing many different diseases. It prevents muscle loss brought about from aging and makes general living much easier. Studies have shown that people who do strength training have a lower mortality rate than those who don’t.

4) Eat a balanced diet

Our society today eats more processed foods than ever before. The problem with processed foods and fast food is they do not contain nearly enough vitamins and minerals to sustain healthy living. This, along with vitamin deficiency is a big factor for why depression and suicide rates are skyrocketing.

Eat foods dense with nutrients like leafy green vegetables and wild caught fish. Cut out the processed food and foods high in sugar. This will ensure a healthy metabolism and high positive energy. Eating too many high fat and high sugar foods may lead to insulin resistance and pre-diabetes.

Another issue with our food is the pesticides and chemicals used in nearly everything. The pesticides kill off essential enzymes within the food that aid in digestion. This results in our body's not absorbing enough nutrients from our food. 

A great way to help with this is to supplement with digestive enzymes. Click Here to learn more

5) Start fasting

Fasting has grown massively in popularity over the recent years for its health and fat loss benefits. A Harvard study has linked fasting to decreased mortality rate. Periods of fasting can trigger powerful natural regenerative processes within our bodies.

Fasting has shown to increase the production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) in the human body by up to 2000%. HGH is known as the anti-aging hormone. It helps burn fat and builds muscle while increasing energy. A higher level of HGH has shown to increase life expectancy while improving lives.

Another regenerative bodily function that is activated by fasting is something called autophagy. This is the process where your body recycles old worn out and dead cells in the body, breaking them down to form new healthy cells. Because of this the process of autophagy extends life expectancy and reduces age related illnesses like Alzheimer’s.

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6) Be Social

Make sure to find time in the week to hang out with friends and be friendly with work colleagues. Human beings are pack animals. This means that we are evolved to be in and a part of a pack or society. Studies have shown an increase in depression and anxiety with people who avoid social interaction. It may be difficult for some people but socialising each day is necessary to live a happy and healthy life.

Social media does not count. Applications such as Facebook and Instagram have been shown to increase depression among young teens and adults.

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7) Quit Smoking and Drink Less

The overall mortality rate in smokers is 3 times higher than non smokers. This is due to diseases caused by smoking including cancer, respiratory and vascular diseases. 1 in 5 deaths in the United States is caused from excessive smoking (including second hand smoking).

Many people assume that because alcohol is legal that it is not that bad for you, especially since it is a large part of our society. Whether there is a cause for celebration or just a social catch-up it is commonly expected of you to drink with your peers. It is irresponsible to assume that alcohol is safe because of society’s acceptance of it.

More than 40% of alcohol related deaths are caused from injuries from traffic accidents, violence, drowning and falling.

Alcohol is toxic and so consumption of it may lead to developing a number of different diseases. Health problems such as heart disease, cancer and most commonly liver disease can be brought about from the consumption of alcohol.

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8) Sleep More

Not getting enough sleep over time can cause a severe impact on your immune system and lead to cardiovascular disease. One night of insufficient sleep can lower your insulin sensitivity by up to 30%. Getting adequate sleep helps to keep the extra body fat off. It regulates your hormones including those that make you hungry or satiated once you’ve eaten.

Less sleep will increase the amount of stress hormones your body produces and make you appear older. Inadequate sleep increases the rate you age.

Take this even further by having a nap! A nap a day for up to 90 minutes will reduce your sleep debt and increase productivity and overall energy levels. This won’t affect your night time sleep either!

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9) Stress Less

In our busy society today it can be easy to get carried away with stress. With studies in college, deadlines at work and family to look after our stress levels today are sky high. Heightened levels of stress can lead to a number of diseases from heart disease to cancer.

Too much stress taxes your adrenal glands constantly which will disrupt your hormone production and cause a number of health issues. Mood swings and general emotions brought out from stress make you a less attractive person to be around.

There are many things you can do to stress less, here are a few to help you get started.

  • Walk 30 minutes a day, in sunlight

  • Practise meditation

  • Learn to breath deep into your diaphragm (also called belly breathing)

  • Listen to soothing music, avoid heavy music like metal and rock that will raise your heart rate

  • Get more sleep (a minimum of 8 hours)

  • Avoid alcohol as it interferes with REM sleep, which lowers the overall quality of sleep

10) Help others

Have you ever helped someone do something, anything and felt really proud and happy for doing it? Studies show that helping others increases our happiness. Known as the helpers high, our brains release endorphins which improves mood and boosts self-esteem. Doing this on a regular basis will have compounding effects on your overall wellbeing.

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So there are 10 ways you can take better care of yourself and help with improving your life.

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