In Need of Vitamin Sea!

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It feels like forever and actually is almost forever, since I breathed in the sea air, felt the sand between my toes and the ocean breeze on my face.  I am desperately In Need of Vitamin Sea!

Living inland means (to me at least) that a trip to the seaside is a huge occasion, one to celebrate and savour!  Growing up in a land-locked African country made it all the more exciting to go on holiday to the coast – any coast.   We holidayed in Mozambique and South Africa, the ocean was the main attraction, breathtaking, exhilarating, overwhelming – and that was just looking at it.  Swimming in the sea was terrifying, exciting, exhausting, wonderful, and incredible!  Learning about and seeing sea life – crabs, prawns, oysters, mussels, seagulls, just to name a few – was just mind-blowingly awesome.  So you see, growing up years certainly impacted my adult beliefs and expectations of the seaside.

Getting to the more serious, pretty much academic point of being In Need of Vitamin Sea, According to, the sea does all of the following:

  • “It’s good to your mood and it will boost your health”
  • “Sea water can be a natural drug and medicine”
  • “Seawater has 3.5 percent of salt (sodium chloride) ). In other words, for one litre of water, you get 35 grams of salts. And then, small parts of magnesium, sulphate and calcium”
  • “Although still not scientifically proven, thalassotherapy uses sea water and sea-based products made from algae, marine salt, mud, seaweed, and ocean water to eliminates skin problems”

The magnesium content alone will alleviate a host of health challenges, asthma for one.   They go on to say that salt water has the following benefits too:

  • It “cleans your skin” assisting with healing diseases such as ulcers, lupus, acne and psoriasis.
  • “Strengthens the immune system” going on to say that “The number of red blood cells increases between five to 20 percent after a swim or bath in the sea.”
  • “Slows down the development of rheumatism” and “combined with exercise is a great medication for bone and muscle pain, arthritis, circulatory, and post-surgical issues”
  • “Reduces and eliminates anxiety. Because it contains magnesium” go onto say that “People who live a stressful life are advised to go to the beach” – you don’t need to tell me that more than once - when are we leaving?  The article goes on to say that the seawater assists with:

  • “Seawater improves breathing”
  • “Seawater cleans out the large intestine” – you have to ingest small amounts to enjoy this benefit, as we all do when dumped by the waves!
  • “Seawater helps fight liver and kidney problems”
  • “Seawater prevents insomnia and reduces depressive symptoms”

If I wasn’t sold on the seaside before, I certainly am now.   

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