Intermittent Fasting – Why Intermittent Fasting Works Well for Fat Loss

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Intermittent Fasting and Fat Loss

Intermittent fasting is hugely beneficial to burning fat for more reasons than having higher growth hormone levels and insulin sensitivity. For a more detailed look on intermittent fasting, click here. 

There are several advantages to doing intermittent fasting for burning your stubborn body fat. These include:

Easier for a busy lifestyle

If you have a busy lifestyle with juggling time constraints from work, family and gym sessions it can be hard to find time to cook all of your meals. You would either have to order take away food which is going to slow your results down, or pre cook all of your food in bulk for the week ahead. This is a fine option but you are likely to get very bored of your healthy eating very quickly.

Once you are adjusted to intermittent fasting you will have more energy during the day at work while you are in a fasted state, and you won’t have to stress about getting your meal in on time. You will have more time in the mornings too when you’re not worrying about preparing food.

Improved satiety while dieting

One thing most people dislike about dieting is that you often don’t feel as satisfied with your meals. If you are eating 3 or more times a day your meals will need to have 400-700 calories per meal depending how many meals you consume. This can be okay at the start of a diet but is very difficult to sustain long enough to see the progress you want.

With intermittent fasting if your daily calorie intake is 2000 calories, you can have 2 big meals with 1000 calories each and feel VERY satiated. This also leaves a little more room for tasty extra’s to your meals such as sauces, gravies and seasonings. You will be more likely to stick to your diet plan when you are feeling satiated from your meals! This also links closely to the next point which is…


Most people don’t have The Rock’s impenetrable willpower. Generally speaking you start with 100% willpower in the morning and as the day goes by it slowly ticks down lower and lower. By the evening time your willpower is depleted to a point nowhere near as strong as your morning self. You are just as likely to cave and mess up your diet with or without fasting, however if you are eating much bigger meals in the evening you will have less room in your stomach to over-consume.

Social Events

When trying to get leaner social events with friends and family can be a disaster waiting to happen. Everybody is drinking and having fun while you know you need to control what you eat and drink. If you have eaten breakfast and lunch and now going to eat dinner you are definitely going to over-consume if you add alcohol to the mix.

Not only is alcohol empty calories but it slows your metabolism as your body fights to rid the toxins. It also stunts your body’s Leptin production which is the hormone that makes you feel satiated and full!

The best option of course is not to drink however if you are going to indulge in a few beverages, why not fast all day so you can have a big dinner and allow yourself some leeway in where your calories are coming from. You can have one nice big meal and enjoy a few beverages and still be under your calorie requirements for the day! How awesome is that?

Less Dietary Restrictions

The usual bro diet says eat 4-6 small meals a day and eat very healthy with no junk food. Only once a week or even fortnight can you have a nice cheat meal. You find yourself counting down the days left until your next big break! This process can easily lead to binge eating down the track!

With intermittent fasting you have room for a tasty treat in your eating window. Every meal will feel like a cheat meal because you feel so satiated, and when you’re stuffed full you can finish it with a little treat!


Intermittent fasting will not only help stabilise your hormone levels to increase your metabolism but it makes dieting easier to sustain for longer periods of time. You feel more satiated, you don’t have to be as restrictive during social events and parties and it’s a lot easier to handle with a busy and active lifestyle!