Is Water Really Good For You?

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"Is Water Really Good For You?"  You probably read the title of this post and thought to yourself, "What kind of question is that? Of course water is good for you." On the other hand, you may be one of the people who loves soda, kool-aid, and other high sugar drinks and started reading this article hoping that something in here will tell you that water is horrible for you and you are much better drinking a canned sugar beverage or any beverage other than water. Regardless of what you started thinking when you read the title, I'm glad you are here. 


My name is Candi Perry and I have been a Health & Wellness Coach for over 32 years and absolutely love it. I love helping people reach their goals and change the quality of their lives. After all, who wants to live everyday always wishing for what they really want in their life but feel deep in their heart that they will never achieve it. Think about the last time you really dreamed. Think about the last time you called your best friend and told them about the amazing dream you had and your friend responded to you by saying "That's great! I love it! How can I help you reach it and live it?"

If you happen to be like most of the people who have wonderful dreams that they aspire to, then your friend probably said "That's great! I love it! Let me know how it goes. You are a little less excited than the day before because you now realize your friend is happy for you but they don't really see the dream that you see for your life. They are not discouraging you, but there is just something lacking in the response and support that you thought you would get. You are still nevertheless excited and looking forward to showing your results over the next several months. So here you go... with all of your excitement and lists, and new clothes, products, or membership card(s) that you may have purchased to begin your race to the dream that awaits you. How thrilling! You put the photos all over your refrigerator and have maybe even made a vision board or even several vision boards to keep you laser focused. You get your journal out and look forward to writing your first day's accomplishment.


Two months later you look at your journal and there's not really much there. You may have seen a little success the first few days or weeks but it stopped working for you somewhere along the way. Your friends seemed to be saying all the right things although it was like there was somewhat of a void in their words, almost like they weren't really believing what they were saying to you themselves. Your hopes of fulfilling the dream you had are long gone and you have the shame of either avoiding your friend, avoiding their question, lying about your progress, or giving an excuse of something that happened which caused you to put your dream on hold or abandon it all together. Either way, you feel like a complete failure and do not want to fail again. 


Okay, now you are probably saying to yourself, "This is so depressing! My warm fuzzy feeling that I had is all gone now. Why did I start reading this post anyway?" I'll tell you why. Your body is yearning to hear that it all starts with water. Your journey should have started with and continued with water. For many years I have taught my students and clients that water is the key to unlocking many doors and the lack of water is the source of may issues. Including the lack of desire to dream and to keep the mind focused no matter what happens around you. Is water really good for you? It absolutely is. When it is filtered and non "plastic bottled" it is very good for you. Unfortunately many people don't know about the dangers of some bottle water. Take the brand that doesn't have the ingredients listed on the bottle or package. What you say Willis??? :-) Yes, you may not have known that bottled water has more than water. Some of the bottled water has ingredients that are known to be found in cancer tissue of all sorts. Chlorine is not healthy to drink no matter how beneficial it may seem to be as companies promote it. According to the U.S. Council Of Environmental Quality, “Cancer risk among people drinking chlorinated water is 93% higher than among those whosewater does not contain chlorine.” 

When is the last time you looked at the ingredients on the label of your bottled water? If you have looked and researched the ingredients then great! I applaud you and be proud of your accomplishment. You are in a very minute minority of bottled water consumers.

How much is your health worth to you?

Filtered water is the best option. The video included in this post is not a marketing scheme for you to buy one of the filters that The Wellness Master provides (although it is one of the best on the market) it is for the sole purpose of helping you, your friends and your loved ones to have an added option of being as healthy as possible. I am passionate about you having the quality of life that you came to this page to hopefully find. It all starts with a nice refreshing drink of water before your feet touch the floor, or as soon thereafter first thing in the morning. Try it, and see what a difference it makes. 

Go ahead and start your "Every morning before your feet touch the floor Water Challenge" and let me know how it is going after a few days.

Thank you for reading, enjoying, and I hope you look forward to the next post.

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