Kangaroo's Can't Walk Backwards - Its A Fact

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"Kangaroos can't walk backwards" announced as I sit to write this blog - by my 18 year old daughter who is preparing for a physics exam - reading from a Chappies wrapper.  Why did I start here? Who knows.  To break the ice maybe, get the creative juices flowing.

Also according to the Chappies wrapper, dinosaurs are ancestors of chickens.  If necessity is the mother of all invention, what do you suppose procrastination is?  Like the kangaroo's inability to walk backwards and dinosaurs being ancestors of chickens, it is reported that "procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent tasks or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable things and thus, putting off impending tasks to a later time." www.mindfithypnosis.com/what-is-procrastination

But why are we discussing procrastination?  It seems that procrastination is the malaise of all human beings at some time or another.  Why else would there be a plethora of blogs, articles, books, motivation cards, audios and more all teaching how not to procrastinate?  One only needs Google the word "Procrastination" to lay witness to this overload of information.

In my "day job" procrastination can mean missing very important deadlines, not achieving targets, letting employers and / or clients down.  None of this advisable.  In our personal lives procrastination is just as serious, if not more so.  Perhaps you are not doing the things that are important to you.  For example, waking a little earlier to pray and take care of your soul, exercise and take care of your physical body - perhaps because they are less appealing in that moment than snuggling down in your warm bed and returning to that delicious dream.  You have to know that life - the very life that you want - is passing you by.  Your soul and physical body crave the attention to thrive.  A peaceful soul and fit body will ensure that you will sleep better, enjoy life more, face challenges with stronger resolve and a higher level of confidence. This is my experience and daily challenge, once I've rolled out of bed onto my knees, spent some time in the presence of The Lover of my soul, my day is already looking brighter.  When exercise follows and I breathe in the crisp early morning air, laugh at our crazy Jack Russel as she bounds through the park again and again retrieving her ball, I know that real life is good, better than that dreamland, no matter how delicious it was.  

We have the Freedom To choose our lives and lifestyles, too often we don't realise this fact because we're too bogged down by the detail - of Kangaroo's not being able to walk backwards, or the chicken being a descendant of the dinosaur.  The fact remains, we do have the Freedom To choose and can create the life we so desire, if we free ourselves from our worst enemies, often our own minds, habits and procrastination!

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