Supplements to Help With Keto Diarrhea

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What is Keto Diarrhea?

Keto diarrhea is very common in the first stages of adaptation to the ketogenic diet. Don’t get too stressed if you’re now just making the change. The body isn’t used to digesting high amounts of fat, so it reacts by producing higher amounts of bile in your liver. This acts as a lubricant in your colon.

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Here are some supplements you can take throughout the whole adaptation process and length of your diet to aid with your digestion, provide more energy and optimise your health.


While the keto diet is excellent for losing weight, balancing hormones and overall enhancing your health and wellbeing it is also easier to become dehydrated. With no glycogen in your muscles to hold onto water, your body expels its electrolytes rapidly.

There are 4 important minerals your body needs a healthy dose of.


An often forgotten about mineral, it’s very common to become deficient in magnesium even without keto. Muscle cramps and general fatigue are common symptoms of a deficiency. Magnesium helps build a strong immune system, maintains a healthy heart and builds on nerve and muscle function.

It also works in tandem with calcium to strengthen bones and assists on over 300 total bodily functions including maintaining proper hormone levels and regulating sleep.


So many diets encourage a restriction of sodium (salt) which is actually counterproductive to your goals. Sodium deficiency results in gastrointestinal distress which is often a strong contributing factor to keto diarrhea.

Lack of sodium can also cause lower brain function and muscular cramps and fatigue. It is not a good idea to restrict sodium intake however on the ketogenic diet it is very important to increase sodium intake.


This little mineral is the yin to sodium’s yang. It is important to maintain a healthy balance between sodium and potassium. Potassium is essential to keep a healthy blood pressure, balance of fluids and regular heart rate.

Deficiencies in potassium are quite similar to sodium deficiencies. You can notice muscle cramps and spasms, fatigue, digestive issues, heart palpitations and tingling and numbness.


Calcium plays a major role in strengthening bones and teeth and regulating muscle and heart function. The average adult requires 1,000mg of calcium a day.
Although it is best to get your minerals through your diet:

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It can be quite difficult. Particularly with the poor quality of our foods today due to the pesticides and chemicals used.

An electrolyte supplement isn’t necessary but it certainly helps. I recommend Keto Vitals for this.



Digestive Enzymes

One of the biggest causes for keto diarrhea is simply the fact that the body isn’t used to digesting high amounts of fat. Taking a quality digestive enzyme with each meal can drastically help your body digest the fats and proteins you consume.

The unfortunate fact is that our food today doesn’t contain the required digestive enzymes it used to. With pesticides and other chemicals, it lengthens the shelf-life of the food but also kills many enzymes. This means our bodies aren’t absorbing all of the nutrients from the food we eat.


What can this result in? Slower metabolism, digestive issues, constipation, diarrhea, crohns disease, irritable bowel syndrome, increased appetite, sugar cravings and much more!

Some people myself included experience no keto diarrhea at all while taking digestive enzymes even in the adaptation phase of the diet.

Furthermore proteolytic enzymes (enzymes that help break down and digest protein) are shown to reduce post workout soreness.

The enzyme I take ‘Masszymes’ helps my body digest all the fat with ease. It also has a powerful enzyme profile to digest protein which is very important on a ketogenic diet. Since you aren’t eating as much protein as other diets require, it is important that the protein you do consume is fully digested and its nutrients utilized.

People class the ketogenic diet as the best in burning fat, but not the greatest in building muscle. Although it is very possible to build muscle, the little amount of protein required in the diet makes it a slow process. Supplementing with an enzyme like Masszymes will greatly speed up muscle growth.

You’ll also see more energy in the gym and in your day to day life


Take Away

Keto diarrhea is a natural reaction to the adaption phase of the ketogenic diet, but it shouldn’t last longer than a week or two. It can be lessened to an extent by eating high quality and nutrient dense foods high in sodium, magnesium, potassium and calcium. Keto diarrhea can even be prevented in some cases (speaking from experience) by taking a quality enzyme product like Masszymes.
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