Keto Diarrhea – Digestion Issues on a Ketogenic Diet

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What is Keto Diarrhea?

Anyone who has lived on the ketogenic diet can tell you that you shouldn’t trust a fart in the first week or two on the diet. Keto diarrhea is a nasty thing but it is also a natural thing. There could be a number of reasons why but the king of all reasons is the increased amount of fat in your diet. Your body is not used to digesting so much fat.

Bile is produced in your liver and stored within your gallbladder. This bile is what your body uses to break down fat and so an increase in dietary fat will raise your production of bile. All well and good! Except the bile is also a lubricant for your colon. So having a well lubricated colon can lead to quick and embarrassing trips to the bathroom.

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If you’ve only just begun your journey to ketosis don’t worry yourself too much. Once your body becomes a fat fuelled machine your bowel movements will become regular.

But what if they don’t? Have you been in ketosis for weeks or even months and still suffering the odd attack of keto diarrhea? There are some other causes for it you should also be aware of.

So what can we do about this keto diarrhea? Let me ask you some questions first.

Are you eating too much fat?


Sure eating more fat is the whole point of the diet! But there is a limit you should have. If you still suffer from keto diarrhea and feel like maybe you are indulging just a little too much with the coconut oil, butter or nut butter then maybe try to cut back a tad.

Are you eating too much protein?


This diet requires low carb and high fat yes, but it also requires only moderate protein. This was my issue for so long when on the ketogenic diet. In the world of health and fitness you are always told to eat more, more, more protein! It can be really easy to eat too much when you need to restrict your protein levels.

What some people don’t realise is that protein can be converted in your body into glucose through a process called gluconeogenesis. This will keep you out of ketosis and can cause issues with digestion. If you’re eating too much fat but your body isn’t fat adapted you can suffer from regular keto diarrhea. So keep track of your protein intake!

Are you eating enough fiber?

A diet with little to no carbohydrates can make it easy to be fiber deficient. Be sure to eat enough green vegetables like khale, spinach and broccoli. You can also try supplement with Psyllium husk.
Are you drinking enough water?

Carbohydrates and sugars converts into glycogen within your body. Glycogen stored in your liver and your muscles helps retain water. Without the carbohydrates and therefore without glycogen, your body drains water much faster. For this reason you need to drink more water throughout the day.

Do you supplement?


Since your body drains water much faster, that means it releases electrolytes faster too. You should consider taking a supplement containing Sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Do you take enzymes?

This one is really important regardless of whether or not you are on a ketogenic diet. A lot of natural foods contain enzymes that help our body’s digest what we eat. Enzymes are found within meat, dairy, fruit, raw honey, extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil among other things.

However since the evolution of the food industry such as the chemicals that is put onto our foods to increase shelf life and how poorly the animals are treated before killed and used for their meat, the foods we eat don’t have enough enzymes anymore. It’s harder for our body’s to digest the food we eat so a good enzyme supplement is important to have.

Is there a quick fix to stop this keto diarrhea?

Making adjustments to your diet and lifestyle is important if you want to be regular again. However I can personally vouch for a quality enzyme supplement. Supplementing with digestive enzymes will help your body digest everything you eat much more efficiently. Even if you’re not high fat/low carb a quality enzyme supplement should be taken daily with each meal.

Remember when I said I had trouble with keto diarrhea because I accidentally ate too much protein? Taking an enzyme supplement stopped me from suffering it even when I would make that mistake. The supplement I use ‘Masszymes’ has a profile of enzymes to enable maximum efficiency for digesting proteins and fats.

Ever since I started to supplement with Masszymes I have not had another issue with keto diarrhea. I have increased energy throughout the day and in the gym too!

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Take Away

If you have just begun your journey just remember the keto diarrhea is very natural in the beginning stages. It is important to be weary of your protein intake and your electrolyte levels and make sure you don’t eat too much fat.

Be sure to supplement with a quality enzyme product like Masszymes and you’ll likely avoid a lot of the bad side effects of the keto diet.

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