Kick Spark Your Life - Part 2

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I am now 2 weeks into my 12 week committment to live a healthy lifestyle and focus on my goals and vision. I wasn't going to share the results of what is happening until the end, but I feel so good already I really wanted to write and give you an update. Who knows maybe you'll be inspired to start your own 12 week challenge.

So here is my committment statement that I am reading at least every morning and night or whenever I walk past my desk. 

'I am committed to respect my body and mind for the next 12 weeks. Until I go to Australia I will not consume any alcohol or harmful substances. I will also eat a very healthy diet and refrain from refined sugar. I will exercise regularly and continue to build my upper body and core strength. I will focus 100% on my business and put my heart and soul into it. I will be successful. I will be able to travel to and from Australia whenever I want to see my family. I will be free and I will help other people to see that they can be free too.'

Life without alcohol is surprisingly a lot easier than I expected. I used to enjoy a beer or wine numerous times a week and sometimes I would over indulge on the weekends. After completely cutting that out and the wasted recovery time, lethargy and tiredness that follows my productivity, motivation, energy and enthusiasm for life has increased ten fold. Paying attention to these benefits and noticing makes it easier to say no and strengthens my reason why I am doing this.

So, here's my results so far!

FITNESS: Last Friday I went to the gym and ran 5k on the treadmill and did a work out and I was pretty tired after that. I didn't really feel like I could have run much further. Today I got up and ran 17k without even really straining, I think I could have run another 5k if I really wanted to push myself. That is basically a half marathon! When I got home and measured I was shocked. Amazing what 2 weeks of taking care of my body, sleeping properly, eating well and taking incredible nutritional supplements can do! 

PHYSICAL BODY: My body is feeling slimmer, more toned and stronger in two weeks which is so encouraging for me to stay on this healthy path. The most exciting benefit however has to be my mental clarity and motivation to get out and take action, whether that be to exercise, work on my business, making healthy food choices and reading educational material which I am really absorbing because my brain is turned on and focused. I'm no longer craving any junk food or sugar because I'm not low in energy or sitting around recovering from a big night out and I just feel happy and balanced all the time. The dark circles under my eyes are disappearing, the little patch of eczema on my chin is clearing up, my skin and the area around my eyes are looking clearer and fresher and I'm sleeping so deeply and waking up actually feeling refreshed instead of completely exhausted all the time!

MOODS: At my current full time job I am an Office and Travel Manager in an office of 300 people. There is constantly people requesting my help, needing advice for work, wanting my opinions or support with their travel routes and requirements. When I am not feeling 100% or a bit tired, my fuse can be so much shorter and sometimes I would even snap or not be entirely helpful because I am too busy concentrating on the 10 other things I might be doing. Since doing my challenge and feeling more level and mentally clear nothing it too much trouble for me. I take it all in my stride and I am actually happy to help people. I feel like I am being kinder and to be honest this is how I used to be. This is the person I like myself to be. I didn't even realise how run down my body had become leading the lifestyle I was. I like this Avalon!

BUSINESS: Dion and I have run 2 ad campaigns in the last 2 weeks and are getting some great results already. I'm blogging every other day because I have so much positive content to share with my new empowered brain. Previously I would get a few little moments of doubt or times when I would really have to push myself to sit down and do some work. Now, I don't even need to try and motivate myself. My business is a part of my life and I am enjoying writing content because I am feeling so happy and positive all the time that it is easy to share uplifting content. It's how I'm feeling!

The only thoughts that I am starting to think is that if I'm getting such amazing and encouraging results after only 2 weeks then I wonder how incredible I am going to feel at the end of 12 weeks. Life is already going into turbo mode and all my goals and desires are coming to me faster and with more gusto in just 2 weeks, I'm excited for the future. Who knows maybe this 12 week challenge is going to be a life change. Why go back to old habits when I've demonstrated the results of where they get me and my new habits are proving to deliver far better outcomes?

This challenge has certainly given me the kick start I need. If you are an all or nothing person like I tend to be then maybe you need to make some black or white choices for your own life and perhaps even do your own 12 week challenge. What's holding you back? What's your willingness to learn and your willingness to accept change? What could you achieve if you remove all the distractions or negative influences?

The Universe is abundant. It wants you to grow and expand and be all that you are capable of being. It wants you to have everything you desire, but you have to make the choices necessary to make that happen. No one will make them for you. You're in control so perhaps it's time to make some new choices and try new methods especially if you aren't happy with any areas of your life right now. You have created everything with your thoughts and you can change everything with your thoughts. You do have the power. Own it and use it.

Please feel free to share any feedback or comments. If you decide to do your own challenge of any kind I would be so delighted to hear what you're doing and I'll be happy to encourage you!

Lots of love,

Avalon xoxo

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