Maintaining Physical Health through Your Own CPHCP

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Maintaining your physical health through your own comprehensive and personal health care plan (or what I call in short CPHCP since I like using acronyms) is the first step to addressing health care concerns in any given country or region in my opinion.  In the United States various politicians have attempted to "reform or improve health care," but the debate continues on how to improve what many see as a "faulty or subpar system."  

Personal Responsibility Initiates True Change

We humans tend to miss the obvious and taking personal responsibility for our own health is the first step to solving any national or regional health issue. This is an observation I've made in my own personal life as well in regard to my own state of health as I work toward goals in other areas of my life.  Again, keeping a healthy balance in life, being aware of seasonal focus, and keeping priorities in mind are key principles to keep us on track.

What is a CPHCP?

A CPHCP is a comprehensive and personal health care plan that involves "the basic three" and other personalized goals and strategies that apply on an individual basis.

The Basic Three

Maintaining Physical Health through Your Own CPHCP

The "basic three" are diet, exercise, and sleep.  These three health practices apply to everyone in some way.  There are general guidelines in diet that apply in varying degrees to each individual.  Some of these guidelines include 4 to 5 servings of fruit or vegetables a day and the 4 food groups as a general guideline.  Sleep is generally 7 to 8 hours a night for each individual adult.  Exercise recommendations are 3 to 4 times a week including aerobic, anaerobic, and stretching exercises.

Listening to Your Body

Here's where the breakdown comes for each individual. Depending on the lifestyle you chose to live and the kind of occupation you choose as part of this lifestyle, you need to come up with your own personal strategy to maintain and grow your own health.  Some components of this plan could include incorporating specific neck stretches if you work an office job or utilizing protective equipment for you joints and/or back if you do repeated heavy manual labor.

Maintaining Physical Health Through Your Own CPHCP

Listen to Competent Doctors

In most industrialized countries there is access to some basic health care practitioners that aid in our quest to maintain and grow in our personal health.  These include eye doctors, dentists, medical doctors for annual blood panels, physicals, physical trauma events, etc, dermatologists, and chiropractors who engage in a "proactive spinal practice." These practitioners can alert us to areas we need to work on or keep watch over that are relevant to us as individuals.

Bringing It Together

Every individual needs a Comprehensive and Personal Health Care Plan.  This plan involves the basic three of diet, exercise, and sleep in varying degrees depending on the individual and a tailored plan that seeks the counsel of competent doctors and a sensitivity to our own bodies.

Maintaining Physical Health Through Your Own CPHCP

Questions for Application

Do you have your own CPHCP and, if no, on what day will you have one completed? How are doing with the basic three of diet, exercise, and sleep? Where do you need to improve and what is your goal or goals to improve? What is your body saying to you in terms of how you need to change and/or improve your current lifestyle? Do you need to stretch more, for example? If "yes," what part of the body needs to be stretched and how? What other areas need attention?  What wise counsel have you gained from competent doctors and what strategies are you employing as a result of their counsel?  Finally, are you maintaining your physical health through your own CPHCP?

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