Make The World A Better Place - Be Vulnerable

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Are you one of those people who is always caring for others? 

  • You are an empathetic listener and can dole out encouragement to those who need a nudge. 
  • You can easily suggest an action plan for someone who is frustrated and stuck.
  • You apply “tough love” or tenderness, depending on your comrade’s needs.
Yet…. You, yourself are an island.  Shying away from vulnerability.  Not wanting to “bother” anyone with your own struggles.  Feeling like you’ve got to figure things out on your own. 


Oh wait… that’s me…

But if any of that sounds familiar, I’m right there with ya! 

Lately, though, I’ve been getting a lesson in vulnerability.  And it’s not as bad as you might think!  In fact, it feels pretty good when a friend, relative, or business associate reaches out to encourage me in the same way that I feel compelled to do for others. 

Not long ago, while eating out, a complete stranger arranged to pay for our meal and disappeared quickly without giving us a chance to decline or shower praise and thanksgiving on her.  I felt somehow a little guilty at first and then… just plain grateful and… loved. It felt good.

Then more recently, while feeling stuck and overwhelmed in my online business, an associate offered encouragement and guidance and even a little boot in the seat of my pants to get me moving in the right direction undefinedagain! 

Once again, I’m feeling grateful and loved! 
I have never experienced such a lack of “me first” attitude and a holding one another up as I have with the Community of online entrepreneurs at The Six Figure Mentors.  We don’t have to do it alone.  And the support that is available within the community makes the journey 100 times more enjoyable, profitable and DO-ABLE!

I kind of like this vulnerability thing!

Next time someone offers to help you, I dare you to say, “yes please”.  And next time someone compliments you, just smile and say, “thank you” without downplaying your part.  You know that old saying, “It’s better to give than to receive”?  Well, let someone else do the giving once in a while!  It’s actually a selfless thing to do, in a way, as they will then feel good about their ability to help and encourage another person.

And then… because you are, by nature, a caring person anyway; you will pay it forward! 

Now here's the part how allowing yourself to be vulnerable can change the world; 

1) you allow someone to lift you up,

2) you lift up someone else,

3) they, in turn lift up someone else,

4) and so on….

If no one breaks this cycle, eventually the whole world will be loving on each other, lifting one another up in encouragement and pushing them to reach their own potential.  DON’T BREAK THE CYCLE!

I've recently been uplifted AND pushed and I'd like to pay it forward by doing the same for YOU.  

Connect with me if you could use a listening ear.


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