Mindset lessons learnt on my Trek up Mount Snowdon...

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Here I am embarking on the trek of my life up Mt. Snowdon, with nothing but reaching the top in record time on my mind.
The sheer beauty of what I was to be able to see during this walk and at the end of it is nothing short of humbling as well as terrifying, I could not help but feel so small at the sheer vastness of the land and how far down the drop was.


There were times where I felt exhausted and a time where my body was telling me "no more", but there was a drive inside of me telling me "you are not finished, move on quicker" and every time I heard this I felt this energy surge through me that would propel me forwards and I managed to scale this particular peak in just under 2 and a half hours give or take, (the walk down was far slower).

2 years on and only now I have realised that this could not have been achieved without the right mindset and a set goal in mind.
undefinedWhen you have the right intentions to do something, and a well set goal well visioned in your mind, the only thing that prevents you from achieving your goals, which metaphorically happen to be at the top of mountains, is yourself, and to ensure you succeed you must have the right positive mindset and like minded individuals around you to not give in to your excuses and keep you in check and give you a push when needed.

And at the end of the climb as I sat at the top of this peak whilst I sat down and ate my cheese and onion pasty I got from the cafe/gift shop situated at the top (very convenient haha), I couldn't quite help the feeling to reflect on how insignificant most of the troubles we allow ourselves to suffer with either internally or externally in our lives as I looked out onto this view (yes I took all of these photos)

Snowdon Peak

Either we spend most of our time judging ourselves, making ourselves feel inferior to others, or we spend our time judging others or reacting to certain situations in ways that truly do not serve us but instead only harm our mental stability and send us on a downwards spiral of negativity and the purpose of such a feeling is to do nothing but distract us from whats truly important and to sidetrack us from focusing on the task at hand.

Only when you step back and get a broad perspective of the world do you realise how insignificant our troubles and trials are in the grand scheme of things, just take the opportunity to just look up into undefinedthe sky day or night and ask yourself;
"is what I am worried about or troubled about really that big of a deal for me to not live this life with nothing but love, happiness and laughter?"
As the saying goes, "Life is Short", so it is about time we start giving each and every moment we have breathing, every ounce of what we have within us and come out on the other side with a sense of "I really did give this life my best effort", and not settling for anything less.

To truly stop ourselves from being stuck inside the bubble of our homes, families, friends, work, and life's troubles and worries and to truly take a moment to look within and ask...

"is the way we have been taught to live our lives really all there is to it?"
"is there nothing more than just robotically waking up every morning having to leave your loved ones and sacrifice your time and energy to go earn a paycheck at the end of the month, constantly shortchanging ourselves at the cost of doing things we don't love doing?"

I just couldn't find myself agreeing with living life on somebody else's terms or time-frame and quite simply most of the programming I was given from early just didn't quite sit right with me which was to go to school, go to college/6th form, go to university, get good grades, get a good job, climb the corporate ladder, eventually retire at the age of 65 with hardly anything to show for it.
I am certain that this is not how I would like to spend my days on this planet, and neither would I wish this upon my worst enemy let alone anybody else.

The first thing to be able to live the life of our dreams, is to become the person we are in our dreams,undefined
the mind must be re programmed to think and feel in a non
distracted way.
Life is a mountain and our goals are at the many peaks, the
question remains,

Is it physical strength or mental strength that allows us to achieve great feats?
Is it not time we get up this mountain in a way where we are in control rather than just be a product of our circumstances and outcomes?
Do you believe you have what it takes to achieve the lifestyle you know deep down you really deserve?

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To OUR success,

Ozair Iqbal.

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P.S For anybody who is familiar with mount snowdon, I was on the path of Rhyd Dhu, shown in the picture

Also all the pictures in this blog were taken on the same day during the trek up Mt. Snowdon.

Rhyd Dhu

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