Mobile App Development: The Power Of Outsourcing

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    Building a moblie app can be a very daunting task as easy as some programmers make it look, it is really not that easy. I myself have been to college for computer technology (which includes programming) and business, which still makes this a very complex and tall order to fulfill. Getting an app outsourced will help save time and free up time for pre-launch testing and marketing efforts. Outsourcing allows you to be or be an acting project manager, overseeing all of the aspects of the app development from a distance. It is especially important to choose the the team or team members that best fit your project. The following are some insights on how to pick a team and platform to build your app on. 

Determine what you want from your app

    Before it is decided where or to whom you would outsource your app design and what is to be built, you would need to determine what want from your app. Spend a significant amount of time researching the follwing: 

  • Social media integration 
  • Login features
  • Free or Premium versions of the app
  • Compatibility 
  • App platform (i.e. iOS, Android etc.) 

Once all of these aspects and how the app will perform are covered you'll be ready to start looking for a team or programmer to complete the project. 

Finding the Right Developer 

    Knowing the kind of app you want and what you want that app to do is going to help you determine what kind of developer or programmer to look for and finding the skills you need for the app you want to have built. For instance, if you want an app compatible with an iOS system you'll need to find a develper with a background or experience in creating iOS compatible mobile applications. Other examples include developers and programmers for apps like games, business apps and apps to service, there are programmers to fill every genre of apps available today, it all depends on what you have chosen as an app to build. 

There are a couple of ways and places to start looking for developers. One is to place an ad on a freelancer board like or (formerly where qualified professionals all over the world. When you find a developer that fits the profile of the app you want to built, be very explicit on what you want and whats expected. 

Set up a Skype Call with the Programmer

    Once you find a developer with the skill set for the platform that you want to build your app, it is always best practice to set up a skype call or meeting to go cover the skill set and gives you a chance to get to know the programmer you'll be hiring to build out your app. Essentially, you're hiring this programmer to work for you, in this interview it is good to cover cost and the work that your programmer will complete and whats expected. Specify that you would also like to schedule weekly meetings to go over progress and deadlines. 

Bid Negotiation 

    Once you have a set price and the bidder or programmer applies for the job the bidder may request a higher rate than what was set for initial contact. Be open to negotiations as the programmer may have the experience and a higher skill set than initally expected or requested. Be open to paying a reasonably higher amount, this will make the work between you and your programmer a much smoother process. 

Establish your project Milestones

    Best practice in project management is to set milestones and disccuss your project milestones. Discussing and agreeing on the points in the project where specific tasks need to completed can help keep your project on track and boost morale and helps keep a line of communication open. At the very least, set a connect calendar so the developer guaranteees to touch base with on specific dates through out the project for updates on progress. Establishing these communication tactics and sticking to the pay as you go system it will provide the motivation to complete and communicate any issues during the project. 



    These steps above are a few of the best practices in starting your mobile app business. There are many other steps to getting started and marketing your app(s), such as, finding ideas for your app, getting into detail as to what you want from your app and much much more. The marketing aspect of this business is one of the most important as this is going to get your product and or service in front of as many customers as possible. In my opinion, the marketing is the most important part of the process of getting started. Here is the link for the most powerful self marketing system I've found today! If you have any questions or want more information about this product and system, please click on any of the links on this page and as always I wish you luck in your endevour and will continue to provide quality information on my own experiences. 

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