More In Common Than Different? You Decide!

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I wonder.  I wonder if we have got more in common than we do differences?

The reason why I say that is because the majority of us, well all of us have started off in the same environment.  And I wonder how that environment has affected you?  I know how that environment affected me.  I was born extremely unhappy.  Quite aware of my environment and surroundings but really quite unhappy.  I remember being, right back to being 6 months old and I was suffering with gastroenteritis.  But what I didn't realise was the trauma that my mum had gone through, had been translated to me, so I was kind of lost. I remember my mum saying to me that I was 'different, as a child, I was odd'. I was like a wise woman, a wise old woman actually.  But I remember searching for an environment of wisdom. Searching for an environment of WISDOM, where I would be understood.  It has take me a long time.  But the GOODS NEWS about the end of this story is that I have found it and its probably is not where you think that it is,  if you are like me?

So, I grew up in an environment of trauma.  By the age of 4, I'd had 3 major traumas that probably caused Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  But what I didn't realise because I didn't know anything different was that i had become blind.  I had become quite numb to my environment, and I carried that through into my adulthood.  So I choose a profession that would emanate the same kind of environment, which was Social Work.  And I lecturered and I managed a voluntary organisation but each step of the way, there were always issues.  There were always issues that I had to address.  I didn't feel like I was in the right environment. I didn't feel as though the truth of who I was was being appreciated and being valued.  So I kept on searching.  And in my search, I went through divorce.  And I gave up my home.  I became homeless.  I was dying.  I had to have a hysterectomy.  I ended up with diabetes.  And I needed to correct the imbalance.  And all these latter things happened around the time when I was doing all the personal development and listening to all the inspiration; doing my visualisations and having lots of visions and looking at the ways that I could contribute, in service to humanity.  But I had forgotten something.  I had forgotten a really important lesson, really.  That's what I was looking for outside of me, was actually always within me.  My mum had told me, that I was like a wise old woman but i was looking outside of myself.  Because I didn't feel that I was, all that I was all that I wanted to be. But what I had misinterpreted, was that I became all the things, that I thought I needed to be in order to succeed, in empowering and helping other people.

Until...the diabetes.  And I just thought, not on my watch! I cannot do bitterness, I cannot do sweetness to those degrees.  I need to create balance, in my health.  So, I stopped. I LET GO of all my learning.  I let go of the hard work.  The hard knocks that I had experienced in that playground and decided to choose a different playground.  The playground that I am today, is a playground where there is COLLABORATION. A playground of TRUE CONNECTEDNESS. Not Competition, No Separation, No Loneliness, No Isolation.  A playground of ACCEPTANCE, UNITY, UNION, TOGETHERNESS.

Collaboration, Connectedness, Acceptance, Unity, Union, Togetherness - What do they have in common? They can all be found in one place.

If you resonate with what I am saying and you want more information, they just click on the link below. 

Find out more information because the reality is tomorrow is not guaranteed, so Do It Today.  I looking to seeing you by sending you some more information, about this incredible space, that I have found that I am happy and willing to share with lots of other people.  Join Me.

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