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Motivation is what drives people, to start implementing, a specific behavior. Through a desire and need to get or achieve something.
Motivation contributes to success in sports in different ways, including:
  • Intrinsic motivation (desired to train and compete)
  • Achievement motivation (desired to win and be the best)

Intrinsic motivation

Intrinsic motivation is important for every athlete. It’s a desire to, be competent and self-determining. With intrinsic motivation, the athlete’s passion for the sport, drive them to start developing: A specific behavior, commitment, effort and consistency. These help them to improve their quality and achieve their goals. They also enjoy more and perform better in their activities. The same happens with the champions, they want to be champions, none of them like second places. That’s the reason for their astonishing performance and great achievements.

Achievement motivation

Achievement motivation is, the desired to engage in competition or social comparison. It stimulates improvement, due to the appetite for the contest, resulting in great performance. The 2 types of achievement motivation are mastery goals and performance goals.

Mastery goals and performance goals

Individuals with a mastery goals approach. Define competence according, to their personal improvement or mastery of a skill. Individuals with a performance goals approach. Define competence according, to how they perform, compared to others. Both approaches lead individuals, towards reaching, positive outcomes for improvement and development. The mastery goal approach, will push you to your own limits. With it, you can achieve and surpass your personal records, many times. This increases your motivation and passion for what you do. However, when you win. A performance goal approach, gives you good rewards.
Within both, mastery goals approach and performance goals approach. Individuals adopt. Either a motive, to achieve success or avoid failure. The individuals who, have a motive to achieve success, like challenges. While, the individuals who, have a motive to avoid failure, are comfortable with good results and would reduce effort. Due to the fear to fail they might claim that, better results are unrealistic. This inclines them to make different choices when they are under pressure.

Motive to achieve success VS  Motive to avoid failure

During a difficult match that, is tied and about to end. The individuals that, have a motive to achieve success, would keep doing their best to win the match, until the end. However, the individuals that, have a motive to avoid failure, would try to waste time, by keeping the position of the ball or by using any tactic, to waste the last minutes. Ending as, a tied match.

My advice

  • Choosing for, mastery goal approach or performance goal approach, is a matter of preferences. You will improve, doing your best.  
  • A motive to achieve success has shown, better results than, a motive to avoid failure. Therefore, is recommended to adopt a motive to achieve success.
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