My 3 Cs Towards The Mastery

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1)  A Coach

 The first crucial thing is to know that whatever you want to achieve is possible.
 How to get this knowledge or better how to develop this kind of a belief?
Easily. By finding yourself a coach or a mentor.

There are thousands of them out there. Spend some time on research. Find the top specialists in the area. Read all about them. Be certain they have been successful with achieving the goals you want to achieve.

Then, model them, their journey to the top. Invest into your education. Ideally, hire either one of them or the second or third best.

If you can't afford the best, you can still volunteer to be a free of charge assistant or helper to your coach. I know it sounds demotivating, no payment for your service but seeing your master on daily basis, being included in his routine or watching him while he works can be the most valuable lesson in your life.

Have your leader who is going to speed up your progress to the mastery. 

I'm a PT, myself and I still have my coach. For some very simple reasons. Firstly, he pushes me harder than I would push myself because he knows me and my limits.

Secondly, he keeps me accountable. We have agreed on a specific day and hour and it would not be fair not to turn up and let my coach down. I know he is waiting there for me. Moreover, I pre paid my session, I'm not going to waste my money.

Finally, he records my progress, and deals with the tracking, too. What you can track, you can improve or change.

There are no excuses, not to go, not to keep the agreement:)

2)  A Community

The community of the same minded individuals is a must. They have the same goals than you, they are keen on discussing each little step which moved them even slightly up on the scale towards achieving the goal. These people are the right people to be around. They not only motivate you by driving you forwards but they are happy to help, too. They are happy to give back what they have been given earlier. 

I'm a member of a cross fit community. Everyone there loves a good exercise, good sweat, variety of WOD (workout of the day) challenges. We are challenged by coaches and by each other. On one side, everyone wants to be the first, better than the others in the group but on the other side once you finish you are there for the rest of the group. By cheering up or by doing a few extra reps for a friend who is struggling. Yes, we are all true friends skipping over the challenges together.

The motivation, strength, team work, those are our values.

3)  Competition

The above-mentioned role of the community leads to the last of my Cs - Competition. Not only training together, working on the same moves, helping each other, having fun as a team but healthy competition amongst us is responsible for our results. 

An opportunity of being involved in the competition makes a magic on the path of your progress. The main factors listed below are the best tools on your journey to mastery:

  • Specifically defined goals - clear and SMART, recorded and tracked
  • Deadline for completion - exact day/time 
  • Integrity and accountability in the group - you are a part of the team, you are not alone
  • Adrenalin - keeps you going
  • Accepting and dealing with emotions- positive ones increase your drive, negative ones put you out of your comfort zone & make you find solutions.

They all encourage you to create habits which serve you and drop the habits which slow you down.

My Exercise Routine Cs Transferred To My Business

A few years ago I mastered my exercise regime and the schedule of my clients and customers.

Understanding my 3Cs, I've started testing them to leverage my business of a fitness and lifestyle coach. As you can imagine there is only a certain amount of hours you can be booked for and a certain amount of clients you can fit into your schedule. Suddenly, there is no free time for yourself.

On my journey to lead people to a healthy lifestyle, I have learned my lesson. Being fully booked with a lack of my quality free time, I ended up exhausted. Of course loving my job deeply, I did not want to give up but instead, I decided to find a solution how to leverage my business. How to bring it to the next level, where I can be beneficial for more people and at the same time save some days for my hobbies, family and friends by stopping trading my time for money.  

I found an educational company with all my 3 Cs. With the coaches who lead us, with the community full of same minded people ready to help anytime with anything and with the challenges and competitions pushing each and every one of us out of our comfort zone. 

Maybe you would like to find out more for yourself. Maybe you found yourself in the same shoes. If that is the case, click this blue link here and I'll send you a series of 7 complimentary videos, showing you the another way of doing your business, gaining your freedom both personal and financial.

With love


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