My childminder is bringing up my children - Why not me ?

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My childminder is bringing up my children  - Why not me ?

I am a woman, wife and mostly mother of two young children. They are blessing in my life, they bring lots of joy and frustration as well. Like all kids I would say. Nothing unusual.

I take them to school or more likely I should write - I run like hell to get them to their school. Morning  is quick a d manic, fast breakfast, all chaotic as we need to be on time. Thanks God school is close by.

After crazy ran to school I can run to my corporate life where I spend the whole day. I love my work  - don’t get it wrong. It is great… but .. I have no time. No time for life. Just short intervals to catch a breath.

So after 9 h in a corporate world I can finally pick up my dear kids from the childminder. Hurray! I would say it is around 6 pm. Great stuff. We will have kind of 15 - 30 min quality time to spend together. All depends on a traffic on a way home. Not bad for Mum, yeah ?

This is where my frustration started - ‘I can not live like that’ I said to myself. ‘Is that it ?’ ‘This is what I have and who I am ?’ Frustrated, middle age woman trying to juggle life, work, kids and finding herself with just a few minutes with her own children on a daily basis???

There must be a different way to live my life.  There must be someone who does it differently, I absolutely dislike working and living in a system like that. It is just not fair and I am not going to be another lemon that is squeezed by the corporate life.

It took me a while to find it, but I have it now ! My life is changing, I am finding my balance and time that I was craving for. I have got it all now ;)

Peaceful again. More time with children. Working flexible hours. Having income and financial independence.

I have it all :  ) My children have their mother back.  No more childminder who is feeding, rising my children - I am responsible parent and I am in charge. I am the BOSS.

How cool is that !

Imagine it happens to you. What would you do Dear Woman with your time and money ?  Let’s start dreaming together

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