My Journey on Recovering from Sensitivity to Chemicals 8

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For someone like me with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, trying to live a normal life of minimum QOL appears like something that is never going to happen. 

However, I am trying hard to focus my attention on progress, or any small changes for the better, rather than the 99% of the usual Multiple Chemical Sensitivity related symptoms, inconveniencies and challenges.

Last two Thursdays were deterimental; I had to work with people clad with deodrants and disinfectants. Result: canker sores, inflammations, skin irritation, eye discharges, breathing difficulties, nausea, dizziness, vertigo, among others.

It took me a week to recover from the first hit, only to be hit again, the following Thursday, requiring another week to fully recover, while working almost every day.

That is why I had been a bit behind in updating my blog.

However, Friday, the 13th, the iconic "bad luck day" turned out to be a once-in-a-blue-moon, chemical-free, heavenly day. This may have been the first time in god knows how many years.

Perhaps, this was because of the "Harvest Moon" in Japan, and was on my side.

The client for that day met up with three end-clients, but NONE of the participating members, including other interpreters with whom I teamed up were scented product users! Is this a miracle or what?!

I had even forgotten about the fact that I usually am tormented by scents and fragrances in the air at venues; it was really "out of sight, out of mind." In the absence of scents and fragrances, I was perfectly fine, highly functional and truly alive.

My Journey on Recovering From Sensitivity to Chemicals

Rather, I felt more challenged when I was at other places, like on trains, stations, the ballet studio, and the like. Since I was exempt from the chemical stimulation for several hoursn during work hours, the scents and fragrances, when they reappeared, felt even more pungent than usual. 

This experience, which I have had a number of times in the past as well, seems to underline the most commonly suggested way to treat Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: Chemical Avoidance.

However, avoiding myself from exposure to chemicals also strikes me as something impossible to ahcieve.

Treatments suggested for MCS include:

  • Chemical avoidance
  • Nutrient therapy
  • Infrared sauna therapy
  • Removal of mercury amalgam dental fillings
  • Brain retraining techniques

among others.

I have tried nutrient therapy, but since I was not significantly deficient in any particular nutrient and had sound appetite, this did not ring a bell.

I have been to saunas including infrared ones, and it does feel good afterwards, but the effect todes not last. It can mitigate MCS symptoms temporarily, but I am promptly brought back to square one the moment I am among people.

My mercury amalgam dental fillings were removed and replaced by gold, way before I had succumbed to MCS.

I have also tried DNRS, or Dynamic Neural Retraining Program, and was diligently practicing the mental exercises, and had hope that this would work. However, living in a country where incremental exposure to chemicals, another recommended practice, was and still is impossible.

Having thought that changing the environment can reduce exposure to chemicals, I moved to and tried Vancouver and Reyjavik but failed. Vancouver is ranked as one of the 10 best cities to live around the world; Reyjavik is the capital of Iceland known to have ample fresh air. But ALAS. They both had their indeginous scented products, taking the area by storm.

My Journey On Recovering From Sensitivity to Chemicals

Thus, I am left with little alternatives to address my Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. And so, I am counting on my last resort: Dr. Joe Dispenza's workshops and meditations. I am reminding myself everyday in morining meditations that I AM BIGGER THAN MY BODY, BIGGER THAN THE ENVIRONMENT, BIGGER THAN THE SYMPTOMS.


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