My manifestation...well, my first manifestation on purpose.

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In 2018 I watched the movie " The Secret", which I heard about at a wedding. I overheard 2 people talking about how it really works and how their life had changed. I had never heard of it. So, I went home and watched it, and also listened to the audio book (twice). Life has been very different after that.

There is nothing like the way life looks after discovering your true core and capabilities! But, we are all human and like to see proof... so here is the story of of my first manifestation.

My first manifestation...

So for months I had new rituals to keep my vibration high. I started meditating, listening to Abraham Hicks, thinking differently and more positively. I would consciously reject negative thoughts and change them to positive ones.  After all the years in school, I can't believe no one ever taught us the power in loving ourselves and just why it's so important!

So I wanted to put it to the test... and it sealed the deal for me. I have had many more manifestations since then.

My first manifestation was the week of Halloween. I had searched videos and found one on how to manifest something within 24 hours. So I thought what the heck... I closed my eyes as she walked me through the visualization of the item we chose... mine was a rubber duck. I pictured it in my hand, yellow and plastic. In my manifestation I thought about how it felt in my hand and how I would describe it to someone. It took about 5 minutes and then I went on with my day.

The next day I woke up, and thought about how grateful I am as I got ready for the day. (Another ritual I have done daily for months.) I then decided to take my 4 year old son shopping for my mother's birthday gift.

We headed out to a local home decor store so I could find something sparkly and wintry for her. The store was having an open house with a scavenger hunt, food, and prizes. As we were searching for the next stop on the scavenger hunt, I looked over and stopped dead in my tracks. There it was, and without even thinking about it that day...It was my first manifestation! There was a full basket of rubber ducks, just like the one I had pictured! I took a picture and made sure to thank God and the Universe. I was so grateful and amazed.


Right then I knew life was bigger than I ever imagined. I had the proof that I can manifest anything I put my mind to. It's been an exciting journey every since my first manifestation.

I hope this encourages people to believe in themselves and the power inside yourself. Stay positive and create the life you dream of!

Why I am sharing this with you? Because I believe everyone deserves their best life! I have since started on a journey with the Six Figure Mentors blogging and learning how to live through my passion!  If you feel stuck or like there is something bigger for you... trust that intuition and follow your passion!

God bless! 



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