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Hey everyone

This is Adrian aka Nak and mannnn what a day !!

     So much happened that i just had to take a seat and let everything sink in. I'm also aware that alot of the people reading this are on their own journey of breaking free from the corporate system sooooo let me just warn you, when your finally free and have loads of time, some real interesting things will start to happen lol

     Today started normally, though i woke up a little later than ussual (-_-). Nonetheless, i made my way downstairs to the kitchen and prepared myself a hot cup of chaga with cordycep mushroom tea. Unfortunatly, that was to no avail as i was tackled by annoying little brother.

Go Figure.

     So after i clean myself and treat what i asume to be 3rd degree burns, my phone rings and guess what? It's my buddy from second grade that i havent seen in years ! He's in Sydney for the day and want's to hang out. I have no corporate job to go to so ehhh i figured why not? Plus i'm really excited to see him.

     Alright so on my way i am to the Blue Mountains where we'll meet up and i remember that i still havent drunk my tea yet ! (Thanks to my annoying little brother). Just a little down the road i saw a health food store and order a roasted dandelion and coconut tea. Just the smell of it was exciting me but it was so way to hot to drink there and then.

They say patience is key, so i patiently waited as the tea cooled down. Finally, its at a warm enough tempature to drink and as i go for the first sip, a bird lands on the table and knocks it over lol

Go Figure (-_-)

     After that tragic loss i went to the bathroom to treath what i assume are more 3rd degree burns. Alright so after 2 failed attempts at tea i gave up and just met with my buddy. We hung out, vibed out and now it's time for Muay Thai training. I got home quickly showered and said to myself hey, you know what, some tea would be gd right now. 

Well long story short, Go Figure (-_-)

You know what maybe today isn't the best day to train, it looks like ive got to tend what i assume are more 3rd degree burns.

Today wasn't the ideal but mannnnn was it interesting lol 

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