New Years Eve, promises and motivation.

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Are you one of them who starts the new year with one or more promise? It´s natural and common to start a new year with a fresh and new start. Often it´s about training, but it can also be more time with family, travel more or anything in fact. 

But a change also requires hard work. And hard work requires motivation. And if you have motivation, it often isn´t that hard work! 

So if you want to make a change, where are you at the motivation steps? If you are on a low step, it´s most likely that you don´t succeed with your goals. You will take the easy way instead. Lets say that you promise to start exercise 3 times a week. The first and second week it´s good and okey. Then you maybe feel that you have to come home early, visit a friend or something else. You do that instead, it´s easier and more comfortable. 

Then it starts to fail. And after two months you don´t go to exercise at all. 

So where are you at the motivation steps? 

1. I want to try to....
2. I really should do a change and.....
3. I really want to make the change and....
4. I am going to do this.....
5. I have started to.......and I have promised myself to be/do.......

If you are at step 1-2, don´t start to make the change. It won´t work. Instead start to motivate yourself, so you can climb on the steps. 
When you are at step 3, or rather 4 or 5, it is more likely that you succeed with your goals. You have the right motivation. And then you don´t listen to the evations. You go to exercise because it´s important for you, and you visit your friend after training. 

Motivation isn´t just to want to change, motivation is how hard you want it, and how much effort you put in the change. 
Change is to come out of the comfortzone, to change road, to make new steps. You don´t reach a new goal on an old road. And new can be scary, hardwork, interesting, lovely and scary again. 

So, start the New Year with checking your motivation. What is your goal, and how is your motivation. Start from there and be successful! 

Best wishes for the New Year of 2018! 


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