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In this world of conformity, it takes great courage to truly be yourself!  To truly be yourself, means that you will stand-out from the crowd, be pointed at, made fun of and maybe bullied.  However, the rewards of being yourself, are so great, you will be astounded.

This is the reason you were born to this earth, to be yourself.  You are unique, you are magnificent, you are beautiful and you are a powerful being.  If you have any doubt about this, just look at two scientific facts.

1. 50% of the sperm travelling towards the egg, go to the wrong fallopian tube.  50%!  That means    that the chances of conception, are already halved.  This equates to the fact that, you have          already overcome seemingly unsurmountable odds just to be born.  This makes you a              CHAMPION!

2.  Due to D.N.A, there never has been, or ever will be, anyone exactly like you to walk this planet.     This makes you beautiful and UNIQUE.

You have so much to offer this planet and everyone on it.  Let your magnificent light shine brightly for all to see.



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