Passions of the heart is were you'll find happiness!

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Passions Of The Heart Is Where You'll Find Happiness!


  • What are your passions!
  • Have you even found your passion!
  • How do our passions create happiness!

Passion is a very strong feeling of a person or thing. Passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or desire for something. 

undefinedPassions are what make your heart burn with desire, excites you to your inner core and gives you a feeling of great joy. Your passion is something you truly love to do! Most people have at least one passion in life whether it be a sport, a career, being creative, art, music, singing etc. 

Robert Vallerand from the University of Quebec at Montreal and his associates found that participating in a passion can add eight hours of joy to your week.

Studies have shown that passions increase positive emotions during the activity, boosting a positive mood and decreasing negative feelings afterward.

1. Take Time Out For Yourself- We all get caught up in the chaos of life, commitments withundefined work and family. Life is busy and we tend to neglect our wants, needs, and passions. Life is too short to not fulfill our true happiness and express ourselves in our own unique ways. That is why we are here, to live our own lives, create our own dreams and find our purpose. Not anyone else's. Follow your heart.

2. Take A Leap Of Faith- If there's something holding you back, don't let it. Jump right in. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. What is it that you've always envisioned yourself doing! Is there something you've always dreamt of doing! Something you've always wanted to try? Whats stopping you! Is it fear!

 Fear is just an illusion it doesn't exist- you created it. Its all in your     mind.  Correct the inside and the outside will fall into place.             -Unknown author- 

  undefined The biggest regret people have when their dying is not the things they did do but the things they didn't do. Knowing they had a greater purpose in life and not doing whatever it took to make it happen. Don't be one of those people, go for what you believe in, find your purpose and fulfill your dreams. Don't die with regrets!

3. Take Action- No one can make things happen for you but you! We can't rely on other people to do it for us. Take the action to bring you closer every day to your dreams and goals. Step out of your comfort zone, do things that scare you, do things you've never done before. Whatever it takes, find your passion and follow through, Get excited about your life and the awesome journey you have ahead of you.

 I personally have many passions and dreams which id like to share a few of them with you-

 undefined  Gardening- Gardening makes me feel close and at one with nature. I feel I can be myself completely, my mind is calm and I feel at ease. I love to get my hands in the dirt, pot plants, prune my bonsais, watch my seeds sprout into a new life, water them and give them love. I love to watch how they change with the seasons, flowering, sprouting new shoots and multiplying. For some, this would be boring and unfulfilling but for me, I get so much fulfillment and it is my passion.

Painting- Creating a painting on canvas also gives me the same fulfillment as gardening. undefinedWhen I paint I can just be me and at one with my canvas. I can calm my mind and get lost in what I am about to create whether it turns out or not haha. This is also my passion.

I also like DIY, restoring furniture, Upholstering furniture, mosaicing and upcycling, I don't like seeing things go to waste, I seem to find a use for things that no longer serve their purpose and how they can be recycled.

I also love the gym, fitness, photography, and the outdoors. I always find the time to do at least one of these things a day if not more. I hope you will follow your dreams and find your passion, and I hope I have inspired you just a little to listen to your heart and find your purpose in life.

Be Kind, Be Free, Be You

Kelly Stewart


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