My story of positive affirmations everyday and creating my reality...

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I am fortunate enough to know the secret... that is the importance of being able to focus on what I love everyday and staying at a high vibration (because we are made of energy).  It takes practice and belief, (and a lot of meditation) to be able to only focus on the positive...and consistantly.

For the past 5 months, I couldn't stop thinking about how I shouldn't be working in a job I am not passionate about.  I longed for something else. I thought, how can I be my higher self when what I do everyday for a living is not on that same level?  I felt like I was being pulled down everyday.  Plus my family had been through a lot and all I wanted was more time for my kids.  To be able to take them on vacations and also give them their best life.


So this is what I did for 5 months: 

  • Wrote in my grateful App for what I was grateful
  • Thanked God and the Universe for my abundance and financial freedom
  • Had affirmation "post it" notes on my computer that I read everyday
  • Wrote a resignation letter, sent it to myself and read it at least once a week.
  • Listen to positive affirmations everyday and inspirational videos
  • Fell asleep listening to "I AM" affirmations
  • First thing when I wake up, I say what I am grateful for and that I am going to have an amazing day
  • Listened to "The Secret" on audio... twice
  • Conciously reject negative vibes and thoughts, turning them into positive affirmations everyday
  • Meditate
  • Wrote in a journal about my journey
  • ground myself
  • recieved a fitbit and try to make my goal steps daily

Which has resulted in:

  • Paid off much of my dept
  • Went from a negative bank account every month to having money in savings
  • Finished the basement
  • Turned in the resignation letter!
  • Able to spend more time with family
  • launched my website and blog
  • purposely manifesting
  • let go of a lot of damage from the past and no longer think about what doesn't make me happy
  • I no longer watch the news or much TV at all anymore
  • learning everyday from Six Figure Mentors digital learning and community
  • Happier children, more dogs and a positive vibe home!


I am loving my journey and am excited for the future I am creating.  Because we create our reality.  I have worked hard to retrain my brain and truly know now that I am living my best life.

Every day I would read my resignation letter, like I was going to send it.  I would thank the Universe for my abundance and the ability to work from home. After 5 months I have chosen to resign from my 20 year career at a healthcare center. Am I crazy?!

What is your belief!? Believe it, see it, create it!  It's important to have positive affirmations everyday.  Be grateful.  I am not saying you have to do all the things I have done.  I did it because I enjoyed it and could feel the difference.  Take it one step at a time if you want, just keep moving forward.

Life is what you believe it is... but you have to stay at the highest vibration by being grateful everyday for what you have RIGHT NOW and knowing you are deserving of all you desire.

My current career wasn't me any longer and I had to let it go.  I knew it, felt it and followed my intuition.

I have changed the way I look at life and therefore my life has changed around me.  It's amazing.  Life truly is a dream and I want others to believe in themselves also.  Because you are whatever you believe.

If I can help at least one person with sharing my stories then I am grateful!

God bless!



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