Powerful steps to Self Healing

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Powerful Steps to Self-Healing 

Using the Mind-Body connection or a mind over matter approach to life can create healing through the principles of the mind. The pattern of constant change is thoughts>feelings>emotions>reactions. Reactions can incorporate several variables of chemical changes and behaviors that contribute to how we feel at any moment.

Just a thought alone causes a chemical change in your brain. Say I thought about something exciting and fun, my brain then produces serotonin and dopamine that gives my body more of that feeling. The opposite effect can happen as well. Say a negative thought like a circumstance or person got you upset and that was all you could think about...ta dum your magnificent brain will give you cortisol to enhance more of that feeling. You get the picture you are what you think.

Our ingrained habits, beliefs, and environmental exposure sometimes keep us in a vicious loop of emergency fight or flight mode. (ie..negative thoughts and behaviors; road rage, gossip, envy, jealousy etc...)You become addicted to the bump of the adrenaline rush with the reserve tank giving you any emergency jump start. In this state, the body cannot continue for long periods of time before dis-ease will take over. Stress is just the by-product of mismanaged emotions and therefore the stress hormones that cultivate disease. The body is knocked out of homeostasis.

To switch gears many people are shifting to habits of meditating and quieting the conscious mind. Paying close attention to their thoughts and driving their habits into a positive thought process. Changing the racing mind takes time and practice.  After a bit, it will become easier to stay in the flow of it. People sometimes ask me...Why are you so happy and positive all of the time. I have my down times too, I just know how to shift it. It is a choice to continually strive towards practicing mindful habits versus being held captive in a robotic existence of old habits. You can do this too!

Staying in the present moment is key. Not thinking about the past or projecting future what-ifs with worry. (This is not to be confused with visualizing which is picturing with positive emotion a future self-success) Staying in the present moment will keep you connected to your intuitive power within. When doing so this allows the attraction of what you desire to come to you.  Where you place your attention is where you place your energy. Emotions are just energy in motion. Think of it this way, you are robbing the joy of the present moment if your attention is on either past or future. 

Understanding these simple principles will create ease and flow of your energies. When your body has the ability to continue the homeostasis state healing will take place. 


People that are good at visualizing are capable of harnessing the power that will alter their physical properties. When you get good at connecting with this invisible life force/higher intelligence then no person, thing or experience can take it away from you. Now you are empowered. If you understand the laws of how creation happens you're less likely to feel resistance within and will allow healing and clearing to take place. 


Dr. Joe Dispenza is a prime example of this new approach. Through his extensive research, his books and courses he teaches you how this approach is powerful. If you or a loved one is suffering or just want to create a healthy mind and body then it is well worth a listen here. Dr. Joe wrote a book on Breaking the habit of being yourself. In this book, he teaches with a neurological scientific and sacred arts approach. He demonstrates how to use your mind to create a healthy body physically.

The only problem is where ever you go, there you are. The ingrained habits that you have established can sabotage a new way of looking at how you operate your mind/body connection. He explains in his book how to move past this dilemma.

Steps that you can take now to begin self-healing:

~Be Present in each moment with full attention.

~Meditate and visualize while minding your emotions (maintaining positive ones)

~Connect with your inner sensations. Start paying close attention to areas of your body the feel tight or are contracted and breathe into those areas tightening them like squeezing a sponge then release the trapped energy on the slow breath out. 

~Experience emotions on a deeper level. Really get curious about them.

~Allow your energy to flow. Picture yourself and everything as energy flowing. If there is trapped energy allow it to move.

~Exercise, walk, stretch, move,,, your life depends upon it! Drinks lots of water for movement of your flowing river within. 

~Empower yourself! Make a choice to change old Habits.

Today I will present the idea~ You can turn on the Happy thought...or the negative thought

Which will it be?

Always be kind to yourself. You are a Brilliant and Powerful Creation of life!