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We believe just about anything. Just put a "New Scientific Research" in front of it, and we're off running. We live in a time of Intellectual Reasoning.

My recent holiday was nothing like I believed it would be. I had built up ideas and notions of how it would be, imagining the people, life to be something based on things I've heard from others, the internet and articles.

But my experience was completely different. You see, the very nature of mind is to judge, analyze, and separate. 

But life is not the mind. It is the whole. Unexplainable, mysterious, diverse, and extraordinary. And this is what we need to bring back into our lives.

Our Lives have become monotonous, systematically living, surviving in a world where Intellectualism has replaced Life.


You can turn blue explaining what raindrops falling on your skin feels like, but until someone feels for themselves, they will never know!

The experience of a first kiss. The experience of Love. Running, playing, laughing, crying. The feelings you feel when your best friend is around. The excitement of a trip away. Feeling awe when you're near a majestic mountain. Touching snow with your hands and face. The thrill you get the first time you go-kart down a hill with no brakes.

Life is to be experienced. LIVED!

Youtube, Google, technology is fantastic, but it is not Life. It is not Living. Kids, spending hours on I pads learning everything BUT feeling empty and bored afterward because they never left their room.


Future generations that "know" everything but Lived nothing!

We need to know for ourselves. Experientially. Not from a book. Because someone said so, claimed so. Revered so.

Take the dog for a walk and leave the mobile at home.
Take the family away for a weekend and make it a technology-free weekend. Go Hiking, bushwalking, swimming, cycling, in fact, make every weekend a technology-free weekend.

Discover what healthy eating means for YOU. Uncover your direct experiencial connection to spirit. Determine what you will and will not accept, no matter what. Discover yourself, away from all the claims, advice, new fads, and reconnect with the deepest parts of yourself.


Reconnect with Life.

And Life will reconnect with you.

- Sotir Ivanovski 

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