7 Reasons Why Running And Online Entrepreneurship Make A Perfect Combination

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Running and online entrepreneurship combined is like a bolt and a nut put together

To combine two so very different activities like running and online entrepreneurship open up a whole new world. The world of fighters, goal-oriented people, discipline, planners, and a dozen of other common qualities.

The combination of running and online entrepreneurship perfectly complement each other.

In his article, “6 Reasons Why Running Is the Perfect Sport for Entrepreneurs,” Seth Goldman highlights 6 advantages by combining the two activities. The 6 points explained indeed are correct, but I would like to narrow down the whole thing to get the two activities to make a perfect fit.

As an entrepreneur, you take an important step in life. As a runner, you push your hobby to another level when training for long endurance races like marathons and ultras.

See my articles “How Marathon Running Can Make You A Better entrepreneur,” published the 22nd of June, 2017, and “Best 6 Tips To Successfully Run Your Business Like A Marathon,” published the 23rd of January, 2017

Being a passionate runner practically whole my life, the sport got a new dimension when I decided to run my first marathon race back in 2009, and at the age of 57.

You don’t run a marathon (42,195 meters) without appropriate training. It could be dangerous, and I would even say stupid

With a new goal in life and one year ahead of the right training, a lot of things changed mentally. The training suddenly becomes “serious.” It’s not a question of going out for a run when you feel for it but stick to the program like a stubborn donkey.

How Running And Online Entrepreneurship Can Motivate Each Other

Of course, there are days when your motivation isn’t the best, but then you learn how to overcome these obstacles. And as the publicity of one famous brand says:

Just Do It!


The first marathon race ever 2009, was a combination of emotion, fear, and a lot of motivation. When hitting the famous “wall” for the first time in life, and you think for yourself, “That’s it….”, pushes you to do something that not even existed in your mind a few years earlier.

Since then I have done, 20 marathons around the world and improved my running time to below 4 hours. The “wall” is now a familiar routine; you know how to handle the best way.

Once you get locked into the passion of running and training for marathons, you have to face and deal with other obstacles.

In my case, the total training dose is more than 200km (1242 miles) per year, and of course, it takes a lot of time. You need to divide your available 24 hours between training, sleeping, family life and your job.

This passion for running induced me to search for alternatives when it comes to working. A corporate job didn’t fit into the lifestyle for which I was searching. By searching on the Internet, the online world brought my attention.

First I did it part-time, and since 2014 when I had figured out that this works, the big step to say goodbye to the corporate world becomes a reality.

Passion For Running And Online Entrepreneurship Gives Freedom


The biggest advantage of doing business online is the flexibility. You can be wherever you want in the world. As long as you have your computer and an Internet connection, you’re in business.

The passion for both running and online entrepreneurship allows you to combine training and work in a way that fits your agenda. I can participate in marathons all over the world without losing contact with my business. That is freedom!

The new lifestyle combining running and online entrepreneurship gives a lot of advantages and benefits together. Here are the most outstanding:

Freedom – As mentioned above the freedom as an entrepreneur and to make my agenda on my terms is priceless. The balance between such a time-consuming activity as running, and in my case training for marathons, and the work with your business, can be tailored exactly to your personal and particular situation.

No need to coordinate with anybody (except my wife, of course), is something that allows you to be able to do what you’re doing.

Travelling is another part sorting under “Freedom.” With your laptop and an Internet connection, you’re always up to date what you need to do according to your agenda.

Discipline – Running 2 to 3 marathon races per year would never be possible without a disciplined training. You just can’t do it without injuries and problems if the discipline isn’t military-like.

The synergy effect of the discipline skill helps a lot when doing business as an independent entrepreneur. You will never be able to build a business without having a plan and sticking to plan, no matter your level of motivation at the moment. Do you see the similarity with the running?

Running And Online Entrepreneurship Is A Trial And Error Process


Learning by failing – There are plenty of times I have made bad results in my running, and the most important is the analysis. To fail is human and gives you a good lesson as long as you come to a conclusion why you failed.

You make a little sub-plan on how to avoid the same failure again, and you never repeat that mistake twice. The same goes for your business.

You have probably heard the figure that only 3% of people trying online business will succeed. The interesting with that number is that most of the 97% of people failing, they just give up after the first failure.

Personally, I have failed so many times with my online business that I don’t even know how many. In fact, it doesn’t matter. The most important is to learn from your failure, making the necessary correction, and never repeat that same mistake.

Without the discipline of my marathon training, most probably I have had belonged to the group of the 97% since time ago.

Motivation Is Key In Running And Online Entrepreneurship


Self-motivation – One big difference between machines and humans is that humans are emotional. What does that mean for my running and online entrepreneurship?

Well, over time you will find tricks to improve your motivation. For example, it’s a rainy and windy day and in your training program, it says hill training, which indeed can be quite annoying even though it’s very effective.

The first step will be to pump you up with positivism. It could be something like, “good it’s raining. The air will be full of oxygen and the training will be easier than usual.”

Another method could be to put together a special playlist for your music device and let it hammer in adrenaline to your veins during the training session.

When I feel the same need of motivation in my business, the best method, can you guess what it is? Go for a run! What a synergy, right?

Also read Neil Patel’s interesting article “The 7 Secrets Self-Motivated Entrepreneurs Know.”

Do Not Complicate Life With Your Running And Online Entrepreneurship

Make things easy – If you want, you can complicate life to an unlimited extent. Sometimes tending to be a perfectionist, the back side of it is that you start to complicate things more than necessary. You get fewer things done by searching whole the time for the perfect way of doing it.


In my running, I learned early that there is only one single thing that you have to be cautious about, and that is the running shoes you are using. The way you take care of your feet and legs will be important for a long lasting running career.

Well, the arsenal of almost 20 pairs of shoes, gives you a hint of what sort of person I am.

To balance your online business with the rest of your life, it’s crucial to set up your business the easiest possible way. I found rapidly that the best way of starting to cash in from the online world is to use an already proven system with a ready made platform to automate the entire business.

Further, the affiliate business is a perfect fit for my life. You don’t’ need to worry about products, storing, logistics and administration. You don’t even have to sell the product. Here is the system I’m using.

Running And Online Entrepreneurship Is A Low-Cost Adventure


Low cost - At a ridiculously small cost you’ll have your business up and running sooner than what you can imagine in your wildest fantasy.

Low-cost adventure[/caption]Low cost - At a ridiculously small cost you’ll have your business up and running sooner than what you can imagine in your wildest fantasy.

When I tried the first time to start my own business, some 30 years ago, the cost structure was something completely different. It was before the Internet began to be something you could count in as a business opportunity.

Whatever business you wanted to start up by then, the price tag was something a lot of people couldn’t afford.

With the Internet and all the online opportunities out there, you can start your business at a cost in the range of a restaurant dinner.

However, watch out for all the scams and false promises you will find on the Internet, and I’ll tell you, there are a lot.

Follow my path and start your online business with a serious company with good reputation giving you all that you need to start immediately. You will not regret!

For my running, my only “heavy” investment is in shoes, and I consume quite a lot. Even though, it’s still a very cheap sport.

With Running And Online Entrepreneurship You Can Leverage Your Passions

Leverage your passions – Life is too short to not search for the ultimate happiness. What do I mean by that?

In some way, we have accepted that at least 40 hours per week are necessary to “suffer” to get an income and have fun the rest of your time. At first, 40 hours a week do not seem to be that much.

However, doing the math, it’s more or less 1/3 of your life. If there exists a possibility to do something during that 1/3 of your life that you are passionate about, wouldn’t that be a better choice?

Running is my passion and I have found that running and online entrepreneurship leverage the two activities in an incredible way.

Maybe your passion is something else. Whatever it is, you will always need to balance it with an activity that can bring in money and finance your passion and the rest of your need in life.

It’s true that money isn’t all in life, but it is necessary to find the ultimate freedom we all are striving for.

In my blog post “How Money And Fame Can Block Your Dream,“ published the 25th of October,2016, we analyze how money even can be dangerous if not handled correctly.

With the necessary income to live your passions, you will notice that money always is secondary.

The funny thing, though, is that once the money starts to flow in from the online marketing platform, you are just a click away from joining, the flow will never stop.

While you’re sleeping or out doing something else, your online machine is there working for you to achieve the best from your passion.

Click here now and let your dreams come true!


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