Self Confidence

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Boom! - There you have it...

The 2 words that stand between success and failure, between dreams and reality and that are the bridge that enables ANYONE to cross the river of fear doubt and arrive victorious, on the shores of success, fulfillment and true happiness.

Self-confidence is like a magic key, that unlocks all those doors that would otherwise stay firmly closed, self-confidence activates us and inspires us to take action - knowing that we have the power and ability to do so.

Lack of self-confidence, on the other hand, does the opposite of all these things, it saps our strength, and leaves us limp and lifeless with a feeling of disempowerment and that we are at the mercy of what happens to us rather than the master of it...

We have all experienced both these states in our lives, and we all have self-confidence in some areas but not others. For years I found it easy to stay fit and look after my health but I found it extremely difficult to get control of my finances and create a fulfilling work life. Others will find the opposite or perhaps have self-confidence, or the lack of it, in relationships when dealing with other people...

Most of us though are doing this unconsciously, we are not aware of why we have confidence in certain things and lack it in others - we just accept that this is the way we are and adjust our lives accordingly. The real goal is to CHOOSE confidence, to own it and bring it into every area of our lives, using to create a life of fulfillment, abundance, power, and joy.


Basically, in order for ANYTHING to really work for us in our lives the single most important thing we need to make it happen is the self-confidence that we can do it...

You can forget everything else, such as having the most advanced technology, the best resources or 'all the right friends'. All these things are useful and powerful tools but they are just and only that! The magic ingredient that will make them work for you is your determined action which must come from a place of pure self-confidence and belief.

We have all heard many stories about people who have not had access to the resources and assistance they needed to achieve their goals but in spite of this, they crushed their goals anyway! Because they understood that the power is, has always been, and will always only ever be - within them!

When you come from a place of self-confidence and belief as you approach your goals, you don't even need to know how you're going to achieve them, in fact, most of the time you won't, because a real goal is something you have never achieved before and it makes sense then that you won't have the knowledge to get here! You just know and BELIEVE that you will... With this power and internal ownership, anything that you need will arrive in your life. If you need contacts they'll find you, if you need money or resources you'll get them and if you require knowing some kind of information you will be directed to it.

Each day I see and interact with people who have given their power away to some kind of external force, be it a person, a teaching, a 'way of life' or a simply a thing that they feel they must have in their life in order for them to be able to feel self-confident and go after their goals...

Well, guess what? If you can't find it in you then you won't find it anywhere else...

The good news is you can find it in you! Because its there, in all of us!

We have all felt and experienced true self-confidence at one time or another, we KNOW what it feels like! It gives off an aura of freedom and power, of complete awareness and the knowledge that we can do it! A sense of true empowerment and belief that feels awesome!

It's a beautiful feeling and one that you can and will experience more and more in your life as you consciously focus and decide to develop it.

The amazing and truly liberating thing is this:

True self-confidence does not require any cooperation from the external world whatsoever!

In fact, we CREATE the external world all the time from our level of confidence, we either flop around in doubt and worry and create by default or we step up and choose conscious ownership of our lives thereby creating the things we really want to experience.


Self-confidence is not overconfidence.

Overconfident people actually lack confidence, they have an inner feeling of low worth and self-esteem and they try to counter this by overcompensating with the forced image of bravado and a 'can do' attitude.

I know this because I was this person for many years...

I lived in a world where I held deep feelings of self-loathing and I found it impossible to just be relaxed and happy with who I was. I was constantly trying to prove to the world that I was worthy, that I was powerful and strong and that I can do anything... But the truth was that I was attempting to make the world fit my ideal by manipulating exterior circumstances without addressing the root cause, which was inside me.

Now, I'd been doing what I believed was ' inner work' for years and I played around with numerous self-help philosophies, spiritual teachings and all the rest of it. I told myself that I was making progress and perhaps I did a little, but the one thing I never really did was to truly commit, to make a promise to myself and to follow through - because I did not have the self-confidence that I could do it! As soon as one particular path I was following began to really require me to start facing the deeper challenges in myself I would abandon it and seek out another.

I was afraid of failing, of getting rejected and looking stupid. I had been 'hurt' (or believed I had been) too many times and I had gotten myself all tied up in knots.

I did not want to stay where I was, but I felt stuck and I did not know how to get out!

This is a really shitty place to be, and if you're there now I know what it feels like - but I also know that you can and will get out if you really want to!

Then it all came to a head, I had gotten myself into a state of exhaustion, hypertension and extreme stress, which resulted in numerous health issues along with psychological and emotional imbalances. 

I realized over a short period of time that NOTHING was going to change in my life until I took the plunge and properly changed myself.


I said NO MORE!

I walked away from my job, which I really did not enjoy and shortly after I turned down a higher paid job because I just knew that I had to start a whole new path.

Within a very short time, I found an online community that was very congruent with my own beliefs and ideas, this community is global - it has members all over the world from a very walk of life you can imagine! They offer absolute cutting edge tools resources and support - and most importantly they helped me reclaim my own true inner confidence! 

I now love my life more and more each day - I work around one-third of the hours I used to work in the corporate world and I really enjoy it!

Thanks for reading and I know that you have unstoppable confidence and belief just waiting inside you to be awakened...

My name is Dan Gifford and I am the founder of Business Training Online- My purpose and passion in life are to live in a way that promotes freedom and self-expression for everyone! While enjoying increasing happiness, health, wealth prosperity, and success! I am here to lead and inspire YOU to break free from your limitations and then design your own life exactly how you want it and live as you were truly meant too...


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