Technology: The Mobile App Explosion

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    Since the birth of mobile technology, the growth of the mobile app market has expanded beyond any expectation today. With all the many available genres to date, this market has made multi millionaires all over the globe. From gaming to dating apps to excercise and pet apps, this has been the most versitile market for people who may have building apps for hobby or to start a lucrative business. 


    Flappy bird is a prime example of this and the power the mobile apps market has in the world today. The game was developed by a Vietnamese game artist using a very simple game design and very user friendly experience playing the game. This simple game was one of the most popular games in mobile app history. According to an interview with the game developer, at it's popularity height, it was earning a whopping $50,000 a day in revenue through it's in-game advertising making this one of the most successful games in mobile gaming history. Built of this premise, Angry Birds was born, emulated off of the Flappy Bird platform, has surpassed the Flappy Bird earning power by creating much more larger targeted market. Adults as well as children alike have played and made in app purchases for the game making this a mobile giant. 


    Tinder, a location based social media app, most commonly used as a dating app or hook-up app is among the first "swiping apps" that is still running strong in the social media apps genre to date. Created and launched in 2012, has been valued at a staggering $1.35 billion based on an estimated 50 million user base. Tinder is built on a multi platform basis, making it on of the biggest social media apps to date, in close competition with Facebook. With so many dating apps available today, there are some free apps with way less features, such as, Plenty of Fish (POF), Bumble, and MeWe offer free accounts with the option to purchase a full features of the premium accounts. 

    With this much ability to make money in the mobile market, it's a no brainer to try and pull resources to build and market this technology. Although it's not a guarantee (is anything for sure in life?), it's as good a time as any to jump in. The name of the game of app building is emulation. Emulating a successful app is one way to get started with the mobile app business. Marketing these apps should be one of the biggest investments you should be your marketing. There are links on this page to view and possibly start using this marketing platform that would help you sky rocket you mobile app business. Click here or on any of the links on the page to learn more about this amazing marketing platform and start your own business today! 


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