The Day Before Running a Marathon and Starting an Online Business

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Running a marathon and starting an online business follows the same procedure

By running a marathon and starting an online business, you will learn something that will surprise you. They are such different activities, but at the same time, they follow exactly the same strategy pattern.

Tomorrow I will run my second marathon this year and the marathon number 21 since the beginning almost 10 years ago. The immediate reaction from people would be that

“You must be crazy to start training for marathons at the age of 56.”

I can agree that it might not be so common, but the age should never stop you doing what you’re passionate about.

When resting a lot in my hotel in Dallas, previous to the race tomorrow, I get time to compare what I’m doing the day before the race. You almost laugh when you notice the similarities between running a marathon and starting an online business. You probably know about the saying:

“An online business is a marathon and not a sprint.”

It’s true that you never prepare for a marathon in a few weeks. The same goes for your online business. The “get rich quick” schemes are the same lies as believing that you can prepare for a marathon race in a short time.

The day before a marathon is very much about relying on all the hard and disciplined work you're doing the months or even years before. Running a marathon and starting an online business should be something that you plan and execute without stress. The only way to achieve that is proper preparation.

Find the Right Program Before Running a Marathon and Starting an Online Business


On the other hand, it can take you time to find the right training program for you; a plan you feel it fits into your way of thinking and living. I tried a few different marathon training programs before I found the right one for me. Since then I stick to it in a very disciplined way. And do you know what? It works!

My online business follows precisely the same path. I tried a few alternatives before I found the one that fits me like a glove on my hand.

To successfully be running a marathon and starting an online business, you need the same kind of professional training programs. It should be something where nothing is left behind, from the training to the launching and start to earn money, or running your first marathon.

When lining up in the starting block for Dallas Marathon tomorrow morning, I have my strategy crystal clear. I also have a plan “B” if something doesn’t go exactly according to the plan “A.” The critical point will be when it’s time to hit the famous “wall” somewhere around kilometer 30 (18.6 miles).

To be an online marketer follows the same pattern, and you need to prepare for changes if things are not turning out the way you predict. The good stuff with professional programs is that you have these alternative plans built in so that you can take the measurements you need to continue forward.

If you are interested to know about the marathon training program, I’m using, and with pleasure, I will share it with you. If you would like to test the online business program I’m using, CLICK HERE, watch the video and let me know what you think.


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