The energy of money

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The energy of money, and how to make it work for you

Have you ever thought about the energy of money?

In order to start making more income, first you need to understand the energy of money. Money is an uncomfortable subject for most of us. We love money, and we hate it. We can't live with it, and we can't live without it. Money can be a source of great joy and creativity, or it can bring frustration and misery, depending on our relationship with it. We bring all these doubts and fears, hopes and expectations with us every time we deal with money. Money touches almost every aspect of our lives work, leisure time, creative activities, home, and family. Everything we do and dream of is affected by our relationship with this powerful form of energy.

To use the energy of money successfully, you need to operate in both physical reality and the metaphysical reality. Our inner visions inspire us, but we can't be content merely by dreaming, our ideas without taking any action in the real world are ineffective.

Only when you learn to work freely and easily with the energy of money, your life will become what psychologists and counsellors call "intentionally" satisfying. You will know precisely what you want, what brings you joy and meaning, and you will see how to go get it with ease. It will not be a hit-or-miss proposition. For example, when you understand your true Life's Intentions, apply your personal standards of Integrity, and learn to release the energy of money within your company, you will do business differently and probably with greater success.

Working with money from the source of your true being will give you power and ease and a sense of interconnectedness. You will then make the important decisions in your life consciously, never again abandoning your dreams by default because you "can't afford them."

Our relationship with money calls on us to wake up, to see how we are handling all kinds of energy, not only money but time, physical vitality, enjoyment, creativity, and the support of friends. Everything around us is related to energy; what you put out there comes back to you. 

The main goal of the human being is to make dreams a physical reality, and to learn from all the challenges along the way. In doing this, we see and appreciate our own true nature more clearly, which is the source of our dreams.

You need to set a goal with what you want to do with your money, I mean what really makes you the happiest; do what you said you would do with your money consistently with clarity, focus, ease and grace. Only then you will attain financial success, you will feel accomplished and fulfilled.

We all have issues with money; we work very hard, yet we don’t have enough time to enjoy what we accomplished. This is how I felt several months ago before I joined the SFM “Six Figure Mentors”and digital expert academy. Today, I choose when and where to work, I have time and flexibility to do the things that I love, I know what my purpose is, and I am focused on accomplishing it .

Remain focused and devoted to your success!

From my heart to yours, love and regards.

Have a good life!


The Energy of Money
by Maria Nemeth, Ph.D



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