The Powers of Flowers

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The Powers of Flowers


  • What do flowers mean to you?
  • What is your favorite flower?
  • How do flowers make you feel?

 Flowers come in many shades of different colors, they come in many different species and varieties, and many different shapes and sizes. We give flowers on happy occasions and sad occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, valentines day, funerals etc.

 Flowers are used traditionally at weddings, creating an atmosphere of beauty and magic with undefinedsubtle aromas that catch our scent as they drift past in the light breeze. A single flower or a bunch of flowers is just as beautiful as the other. What would a wedding be without flowers! 

 Flowers are also used at funerals, most often the lily. The lily represents as a symbol of the innocence that has been restored to the soul of the departed. A white stargazer lily symbolizes sympathy and any other type of white lily expresses majesty and purity.

 You can see just in these two most unforgettable events how powerful just one flower can be.

Why Flowers Lift Us Up

 Stundefinedudies have been shown how flowers can benefit one's mood, and create immediate happiness. Flowers have been linked to alleviating stress, lifting your spirit, and easing away depression symptoms and anxiety. Flowers give you that closer connection to nature away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life. The different colors can also make you feel happier through chromotherapy which uses the powers of color to stimulate our emotions. Flowers are so beautiful how can they not make you smile!

 So here I'll share a few of my favorites with you-

undefinedGardenias- Gardenias are white, waxy and very fragrant flowers. Their shiny waxy leaves are symbolic of clarity. In addition, its symbolic of self-reflection. Oh, my oh my do they smell good. Gardenias symbolize purity, love, refinement, and sweetness. They are also given to convey " your lovely". Used in this way, the gardenia is a flower that can be given to lovers, friends and even family.

 Orchards- These guys are so beautiful, hence the reason I used them for my wedding. Some undefinedspecies of orchids can survive for up to 100 years. They also have the largest variety of flowers with the number of officially documented species standing at an amazing 25,000 plus. These delicate, exotic and graceful orchards represent love, luxury, beauty, and strength. They are also considered a feng shui plant, is pretty and is believed to bring prosperity and good luck to the owner.

undefinedSunflowers- The sunflower got its name because of the massive flower heads turn toward the sun. The stem of a sunflower can grow up to 3m tall and the flower head can grow up to 30cm wide. Sunflower oil has also been used to soften leather, condition hair, for, wounds and also as cooking oil, medicine plant, feed, and bio-oil. Sunflowers are a symbol of faith, loyalty, and adoration. I love them for the vibrant yellow color and their huge size, they look incredible in fields, they call us to run and play with childlike imaginations.

 So I hope you feel a little bit more love and appreciation for nature and the abundance of color and fragrance it provides us.

Be Kind, Be Free, Be You

Kelly Stewart



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