The Secret To Live A Fulfilled And Happy Life?

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What if somebody told you that the secret to live a fulfilled and happy life is to be able to do one very simple thing? That it is something you can only benefit from and the more you do that, the more you can enjoy life? And what if this one thing should be also the most natural thing that a human being can do? Would you give it a try? :-)

Well, the secret to live a fulfilled and happy life is indeed much easier than you think!

I needed to study the Huna Philosophy, an ancient Hawaiian spiritual system, to get in contact with several shamanic belief systems from all around the world, to fly to Hawaii and attend workshops in Hawaiian Shamanism, to learn the healing power of the Lomi Lomi energetic massages and live in person the Spirit of Aloha, before finding out something I have indirectly known all my life long and that has been driving uncounsciously all my most important life decisions.

The easiest and healthier way to live a fulfilled and happy life is to do all what you can to FEEL GOOD as long and as often as possible! Phisically and emotionally. That involves knowing what you love and what you do not love and trying to plunge into things you love as much as possible.

Too easy to be true? Try to think about it. When you feel good you find yourself in a vibrational state where you are just in peace and harmony with the world around you. As long as you feel good everything just looks great, you emanate positive energy and concentrate on the bright side of life.

Unfortunately you do not feel good all the time. Life happens and you need to face events as they happen. But you can still influence the way you feel despite all what happens in your life.

Feeling good is something you can have control over!

It is all about taking RESPONSIBILITY for your own FEELINGS and your own EMOTIONS and finding out that you can influence the way you feel just trying to do actively something to raise your vibrations.

For sure feelings and emotions are there to tell you something and all of them need to be "felt", also the bad ones... till a certain point. Till you get the message behind it. Once you got the message you can actively decide how much time to dedicate to a specific feeling and how and when to move on to the next one.

How can you control your feelings?

Controlling your thoughts and what you concentrate on! 

When you FEEL BAD you concentrate on the pain (problem). As long as you keep concentrating on the problem you keep feeling bad. Until YOU decide that you do not want to feel bad any longer and start actively looking for a way to FEEL BETTER (solution). It is all a question of FOCUS! 

Change the way you think about something and the way you feel about it will change.

Moving your focus from the problem (pain) to the solution (do something to feel better) is the best way to empower yourself and take control over your emotional state, making you aware that YOU are the creator of your own emotional reality. You are never a victim. You can always decide how you want to feel. And it is your duty towards yourself to do all what you can to just FEEL GOOD!

Do not be passive about the way you feel. You have CONTROL!


As true as it is that the way you feel affects the way you live your life, equally true is that the way you feel can be also a great indicator of how happy and fulfilled you currently are in your life and if there is something that may require to be changed.

When you do not feel good about your life and have the "feeling" that you are missing something (to live a fulfilled and happy life) this feeling indicates you that something needs your attention and you have to find out where the problem is. Again you have only two options. Either you continue not to feel good about your life and watch it passively pass in front of your eyes, complaining about all what does not work and all what you would have loved to do differently...

... or you just TAKE ACTION and DO something to finally live a better life!

It could be something easy like finally planning a travel to a place you always dreamed of, dedicating part of your time to a new hobby, doing things you are passionate about, developing new positive habits, beginning a new project, taking new challenges, stop dreaming about the job of your dreams and start going for it. Bring excitement into your life. Do something you are passionate about! Live the life you have imagined!

Always remember that YOU have CONTROL! Either you keep complaining about what does not work in your life and look for understanding and compassion outside of you or you start DOING SOMETHING to change things and look for the solution inside of you.

The choice is yours. Your life is YOURS. And you can chose any time to take action to live a fulfilled and happy life!

Sincerely Yours,

Valentina Colombari

Air Hostess and Online Marketer :-)

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