Three simple ways to create a more fulfilling life

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I bring good news! If you are really busy (and let's face it, most of us are) you don’t need to change your life that much in order to start living it in a more fulfilling way.  Simple things can make a big difference.

Here are three suggestions as to how you can start living a more fulfilling life now, just one small step at a time:

1.       Keep a gratitude journal. 

Get yourself a journal that looks nice, feels nice and is a joy to write in.  At the beginning or end of your day write down just one thing that you are grateful for.  Spend a minute reflecting on this.  This cultivates a sense of appreciation and value for the small things in life, things that often get overlooked.  Gradually these small seeds will grow into a bigger sense of appreciation.

2.       Do some voluntary work. 

This could be a weekend away doing conservation work in a beautiful and remote part of Scotland or donning your marigolds and doing a cleaning stint at a homeless shelter.  Whatever your timetable, making a little time for a good cause gives a huge sense of fulfillment.                                           

3.       Make time for creativity. 

We are ALL creative in some way, whether it is painting, baking, poetry or maths!  Creativity feeds our soul and as humans, we need to express it in our own way.  So making time for you, to do the thing you love by joining an art class or taking lessons in learning an instrument, will make a difference.  This only needs to be once a week but it is great for unwinding and reenergizing.  If you make this time a priority you will soon feel the benefits.

Tip:  If you fancy learning an instrument and haven’t played one before start with something simple like the ukulele.  It is small and portable and has only four strings making it easy to learn. 

Having said all that, if you are too busy to try all three suggestions then maybe just try one, this can still make a difference and is better than cramming it all in just to tick the boxes. 

Happy creating!

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