Time to go back to work ...

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Monday going to its end ... first day at work, my ordinary work. This vacation has been wonderful! Relaxed, filled with energy I'm going to make my way closer to my dream.

What's your dream?

I dream of waking up to see the sun rise and I can go out on my porch to feel the sun in my face.

I have my favorite cup with me, filled with coffee. Under my arm I have my laptop ... cause this is a part of my dream, my pocket lifestyle as I call it. I can do my work wherever, whenever and any time of the day and for how long or how short time I like. My pocket lifestyle is my freedom. It will make me have more time to family and friends. I can have time to do my favorite things. I can smile when I wake up. I won't be stressed over deadlines, I won't be irritated of any boss, I won't need to snooze my alarm.

I can wake up with no stress, with a smile and feel blessed.

Do you want to join me?

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