Do You Feel Like Your Life Is Being Ruined By Multiple Chemical Sensitivities or Other Chronic Diseases?

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Do you feel like your life is being ruined by Multiple Chemical Sensitivity or other chronic diseases?

Do you feel like you are being run down by some chronic physical or mental condition beyond your control?

Are you giving up doing what you love to do or going to places you love because of lingering physical or mental conditions?

Well, you are not alone. 

The results from a study to assess the prevalence of multiple chemical sensitivities, it’s concurrence with asthma and fragrance sensitivity and effects from exposure to fragrances by Dr. Anne Steinemann are telling:

Of those with MCS,

  • 86.2% experience health problems, such as migraine headaches, when exposed to fragranced consumer products;
  • 71.0% are asthmatic;
  • 70.3% cannot access places that use fragranced products such as air fresheners;
  • and 60.7% lost workdays or a job in the past year due to fragranced products in the workplace.

Prevalence of diagnosed MCS has increased over 300%, and self-reported chemical sensitivity over 200%, in the past decade. Reducing exposure to fragranced products could help reduce adverse health and societal effects.


And yet, so many people are using and or wearing scented products without knowing that people who come in contact with them are being deprived of their life.

It is so heart-wrenching, exasperating and depressing to learn that so many people are beaten by fragranced products in the environment and yet that these products are being distributed unchecked and freewheelingly. 

One can only dream of appropriate measures being taken as soon as possible, but until then, those who are ill-struck have no other way than to some how avoid exposure to the best of their abilities. 

This is is easier said than done.


In addition, as the study results show, the majority of those with MCS lost workdays or a job because of fragranced products in the workplace.  

This is so devastating; losing a job, due to human-made disaster! In my case, I was also rendered homeless and have yet to find an inhabitable room, while living off of my savings which is about to run out soon.

I am finding it more and more difficult to be around people beyond a certain period of time because the chances are, there is always at least one person who diffuses fragrances.

Accordingly, day by day, I am recognizing the importance of securing an alternative way to create income; a way to generate money without having have to expose myself to people and the adverse environment.

After having done my research, I have concluded that my way out is to start a remote, online business that enables me to work from wherever from a safe place, even though I had no prior experience what’s so ever on running an online business or digital marketing.


This is also easier said than done.

However, with the right education, guidance and support, so many people have successfully launched their online businessses from scratch and are flourishing. 

And I am determined to follow their footsteps; if they can do it, i can, too. And so can you!

If you are like me, who are struggling to stay afloat while experiencing chronic physical or mental challenges due to environmental factors, without being able to work, the education that I am receiving may be the way out for you, too.

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