Vegan... Where do you get your protein?

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Why not cut out the middleman and get your protein from the original source?

  We are living in a society that has feed us with the belief that we need to eat meat to fill our daily intake of protein. Vegans and vegetarians where for along time considered weird and their food choices boring and extreme. It was mainly hippies and activists choosing such extreme diets. But it's changing.

Global rise


  The vegan and vegetarian global rise is here to stay. According to The Food revolution Network the increase in United States is 600%. Celebrities and athletes are going vegan, setting higher standards, and as role models pulling the population with them. 

  People are waking up and taking responsibility for their own health, like never before. Health and spirituality is walking hand in hand. A spiritual awakening is happening. The understanding that we are one collective consciousness is growing deep, strong roots. There’s a tidal wave of consciousness flushing over us and we might in the future look back at this time as the cannibalistic era. Extreme? I don’t think so.

Plant diets here to stay

  I have no doubt what so ever that a plant-based diet is not only here to stay, but its popularity will continue to grow. It’s unsustainable to continue the agricultural industry as it is. It’s not only draining our earths resources but the collective suffering from the billion of animals caught in it, is causing us huge health problems. The meat industry is a sickening carousel, which causes the animal immense pain and suffering. The fear, anxiety, stress and depression the animals go through is stored in their muscle memory tissue. This tissue is then consumed by humans.

But I need protein to grow strong!!!!!


  Plants are the only source than can create protein. All proteins are made by plants. No animal makes protein. Any protein that is found in animal tissues is recycled plant protein.

  Dr Milton Mills explains. Nitrogen comes from the air. Specific to protein is the presence of nitrogen in the amino acids. Only plants have the ability to take nitrogen from the atmosphere and break down the molecule part and incorporate that nitrogen atom into a newly symphonized carbone backbone that the plant makes from carbone oxide and water under the action of sunlight and create the amino acids. It then strings those amino acids together into proteins.

Protein from the original source

Plant eating animals eat plants and recycles the plant protein into their own tissue. Carnivore animals do a second recycling of the protein into their tissue and so on. Carnivore humans also recycle the protein into their tissue.  Personally I prefer to cut out the middleman and get the protein from the original source.

No justification


  Becoming a vegetarian / vegan was a natural process that happened organically as my spiritual awakening unfolded. My body was simply not craving meat anymore. Week by week, month by month, year by year my food choices gradually became an awareness; that I do no longer support someone else suffering. How can I possibly justify someone else’s suffering so that I can eat a hamburger for lunch? I simply can’t.

We are what we eat

   Live vibrant food is keeping me healthy and vibrant. I love food that has a frequency, that is fresh and alive,  as it makes me feel the same.  I have been a vegetarian for almost four years now and going more and more towards a complete vegan diet. I have never felt so strong, vital and healthy as I do now. What once also to me seemed like something extreme has become a natural choice, a choice that is serving me well.

  I eat what I want and you eat what you want I don’t judge others food choices. But at the core of my being there is a little voice whispering …

Live and let live!

Much love



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